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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Oh noes!
cartman seriously by <lj user="mymagical
Country nite on American Idol? Well, Grand Old Opry nite, which is the same thing.

Oh Anoop! This might be bad! Can you sing an old 1990's New Jack Swing song with a country twang?

Oh, but RPattz 2.0 (Adam, for everyone who isn't me or Rachel) should be totally LOL worthy!

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... We get the Idol over here on Thursday and Friday nights. :3
Here being the UK. X3

...what did you think of Norman Gentle?

I actually liked Norman--I mean, he wasn't the best singer in the world (although he could hold a tune when he wasn't hamming it up) and I thought he was as entertaining as hell to watch.

So I voted for him when he was on,and was kinda sad he didn't get through. He brought the LULZ, that's for sure.

He was my favourite too. Although, he can sing really well.. when he's not making sweet love to the scenery, I'm happy that he didn't sacrifice who he was in the semi-finals. :3

He was awesome. ^_^ .. needs a fanclub too.

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