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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris hug

OK, so we've got someone killing angels. I had tried to venture a spec that perhaps Ruby (and by extension, Sam, although maybe not to his knowledge at this point) could be responsible for killing angels, and was kinda shot down as it being stupid, etc.

But, the episode description made me think. It mentions that someone has stolen Lucifer's sword and is using it to kill angels. And it kind of made me think--I mean, here's Ruby, and she shows up with this magical demon killing knife that nobody thought was even possible and she won't tell anyone how she got it or where it came from.

Now, we know that Ruby's knife doesn't work on angels of course, but I find it hard to believe that the angels would just let this sword being floating around out there for someone to take, and really...does anyone think it's all that freakin' likely that it's possible to *steal* something from Lucifer? I kinda doubt it.

So, it sounds to me like Lucifer perhaps *gave* his sword to a minion. Maybe even perhaps the same person he gave a demon killing knife to? Like he needed Ruby to get out of hell when the gate opened in season two, but you know maybe you gotta push and shove through a shitload of demons to get out. And a knife that would help you slice and dice your way through would be awfully handy...

Plus, it's obviously not Lillith doing the angel killing--that's too obvious, plus the angels are having Dean torture Alistar to find out *who* is killing angels. If they knew it was Lillith(or even just suspected it was her) they'd be asking Dean to torture Alistar to find out *where* Lillith is.

And, there was a spoiler a while back from Aussellio that there would be a traitor in Dean and Sam's midst....

And finally, obviously Dean and Bobby find out about Sam's demon blood juicing habit, because there were some spoilers about them staging an intervention against Sam, and also Jim Beaver's Myspace and/or Facebook status had said something about how he spent the day punching Jared in the face. Which might be a Winchester style intervention, I'm guessing.

Anyhoo, I'm guessing if Dean and Bobby are trying to break Sam of his demon blood drinking habit, by that point Ruby would have to pretty much be kicked off of Team Winchester. Because you can't have her still hanging around Sam if they're hoping to have him free of demon blood as his drink of choice. I mean, it would be like sending an alcoholic to rehab, then asking him to still make beer runs, or sending a drug addict to rehab and then having him move in with a drug dealer. I mean, Dean and Bobby aren't exactly Dr. Drew, but I can't imagine they'd be dumb enough to let Ruby still hang around if they want to get Sam clean.

I mean, don't get me wrong--I'm sure Sam will still go to Ruby even after his intervention because they've spent most of the season making Sam a moron when it comes to Ruby. I can't imagine they'll have Sam suddenly get smart about her.

So, there's my spec. I figure I'd put it out there just in case I'm right. But I'm probably wrong, because I can't imagine them taking the *logical* route.

But if I'm right, I'm so saying I called it!! LOL!

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Yaknow, I had thought about the angel sword thing, too, a while back. Was wondering mainly if the knife was made from an angel sword, and that was its power.
But I figure Castiel would have recognized it when Dean used it on him?

I just kinda thought adding it altogether, it kinda spelled "Duh. Ruby." I mean, even if the knife isn't part of an angel killing sword (which it isn't, since it obviously didn't kill Castiel) who else on the show even knows where to get a knife of that kind of power? I mean, as far as I can recall, Ruby's only response to where she got it was a snarky "Skymall" and it was never asked or addressed again.

I just think they have to make Ruby evil. Or maybe that's me just desperately wanting Ruby to be evil, even though I think it still makes Sam look stupid.

ш so much like to read your thoughts! they are so logical and right for me. Thank you!

Thanks! I mean it makes sense to me but what do I know? But the Ruby story has been handled so badly that this idea can't be any worse!!

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