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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Monday babblings....
south park thumbs up
*I was surprised this morning to get on the scale and see that I'd lost 2.7lbs this week. Because this weekend, I hadn't really been watching what I was eating--I wasn't eating *bad* food cause I'm keeping good for you food in the house--but I was not really logging what I was eating. So that was a good surprise.

Since the beginning of February, I've lost 14.1 lbs. Not a ton, and I don't know if I can make my goal of 20lbs down by the end of this month unless I lose 3 pounds this week and next, but it's still pretty good so far, considering I've yet to start working out. Just by the time I get home, it's so late that I can't get it done and still cook dinner and stuff. But maybe this week I'll try--do my walking DVD on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and do the little hand weight things on Tuesday and Thursday.

We'll see how it goes. If I didn't have to screw around with sitting in traffic because of construction, I'd get home a lot earlier and exercising would be easier!

*We're having a catered lunch here today for some service anniversary. The guy just brought in a tray of tiny desserts. They all look good, but I'm gonna stay strong, stick to eating just fruits/veggies for show, and then eat my normal boxed lunch. Gotta keep my eye on the prize, which is not looking so whale-ish in my photo ops, especially since Misha seems like kind of a skinny slight little thing. And if Jared doesn't bulk back up, I'll be looking whaleish next to him too!

*Speaking of Misha, pignapoke has the most hilarious and adorable story about Misha's autograph session in Jersey HERE. You really have to read it, even if you're not much of a Misha fan. It might turn you into one! LOL!

*So far, I'm kind of liking my new Boots facial care products. Now, keep in mind, this is post monthly visitor, and my skin generally looks pretty good then anyway, so we'll have to wait and see how it handles breakouts during the worst time of the month for them. But just after a few uses, I think the tone of my skin looks....improved. It looks kinda creamy, not all blotchy. I have a small pimple on my jawline, and while it's still there, the anti-blemish serum seems to have made it smaller and killed the redness of it, and that's just since Saturday. It's a little odd feeling your skin being smooth post wash, like there's moisturizer on it (as I'm used to the "I just stripped your skin!" feeling after using most anti-acne washes) but aside from that, I'm happy so far! Yay for Boots Expert Line!

*I need more Castiel gen fic. Stuff about him figuring out the day to day way our human world works. I re-read again fandomatemylife's Pie Fic series (if you haven't, read it. But on that page, you have to start at the fic on the bottom--apple pie--and work your way up) and I'm looking for more fic like that. And also, is there any Castiel fic out there with his interactions with Sam? Cause I'd like to read that (not slash, but gen) and it seems like all the fic is Castiel's interactions with Dean. Which is fine, because that's how the show is going, but I'm curious as to what his interactions with Sam would be like. The Pie Fic series touched on that and it made me hungry for more. So if anyone has recommendations on each of those fronts, shoot them my way!

*I guess I need to get to work. It took me two hours to write this because work keeps interrupting me.

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YAY for the weight loss!!

Thanks! Hopefully it'll continue, although I wish it was going faster! I'd still like to be losing 3 lbs a week, not 2!

awesome job on the weightloss!!!!!!!!!!

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