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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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So, Jared had to cancel Eyecon....
chris mens journal
Which completely sucks for everyone going, and Kenny is saying he's going to try to secure him again for an appearance in the near future.

Watch this mean he's gonna add Jared for the cruise after most of us have cancelled! LOL! Oh, the irony!

However, I can't imagine enough people are still going on the cruise to be able to afford Jared. Then again, Kenny does have all of our deposits....

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Wow that really is unfortunate especially for all the fans that have never gotten the chance to meet him before. I wasn't coming for this one. That is the weekend of my anniversary. Hubby and I are not doing great, but are trying to work things out so didn't think leaving to visit with my crushes that particular weekend was a good idea. HeeHee!
Hope it all works out for you and you are able to have an awesome time though. Misha would totally be worth it to me, I think. :)

Oh, I'm not going to Eyecon this time around. Kenny pissed me off so much with all the hemming and the hawing on the cruise that I just walked away from my $200 deposit and didn't even bother to apply it toward going to Eyecon. I thought about it for a second after they added Misha, but the airfare and hotel cost were enough to make it not really worth it.

I'm pretty much just sticking to Creation events for the near future, as I'm booked for the convention in Vancouver in August and the convention in Chicago in November. I think the odds of them showing up to each of those are pretty good, so I'm just sticking with those for now.

Creation stuff is pretty safe to bet on. Sorry I guess I got mixed up with and thought you were going next week. Read too many posts. Lol.

Dude, I will be seriously pissed if they get him for the cruise, considering I used my deposit toward that on THIS con cause I figured if I wasn't gonna go on the cruise anyway, might as well apply it toward seeing Jared here instead. I dunno, I was trying to give Kenny the benefit of the doubt and kinda...not really EXCUSE him but give him a little leeway after the whole Voni breakup thing, but between what you said in my post and then something someone else said to me the other day, I'm just really upset w/ everything now. Good thing I haven't spent any money besides GA ticket costs on this con so far. I'll get my Gabe photo op and maybe an auto or two, but otherwise I'm saving my money for LA or for photo ops for Vancouver, since they aren't sold out yet.

The behavior at Eyecon 2 was kinda...off, so yeah I cut him some slack (although some of the things were way off the deep end, like letting some random fan sit there with Nicki and not even telling her?) but it was mostly the cruise stuff that ticked me off. I'd consider doing Eyecon again if people I knew were going to share expenses *and* Jared would be there for two days, like at the first one.

Like I said below, I wonder if by "near future" he could possibly be cancelling the cruise (seriously, I heard only something like 24 people were still signed up for it) and turning it into a land con in June. If that's the case, and he would have Jared for both days *and* would give me credit for my deposit to be used, I would consider going to a land con in June.

I just CANNOT IMAGINE him agreeing to do the cruise under ANY circumstance. Unless Kenny pays him BOOKOO dollars, I guess, haha.

Does this mean another LAND con "in the near future"? Like...September? *snort*

I dunno. I mean, from what it sounds like, this Eyecon *with* Jared was gonna be fairly poorly attended compared to the last two, and the auctions for breakfasts and Royalty seats all took a serious hit in terms of how much they went for (I mean, who would have thought Jared's breakfast wouldn't even break $1000? Even the lunch at the Creation con went for nearly $2000 I think) that I can't believe he'd take it on again after this one.

The hook of the first Eyecon was that he was gonna have Jared for two days, which no other con outside of Asylum has been able to have one of the boys as a guest for two days. If he can pull that off (which is gonna mean having a con in the summer, not while filming is going on) then I'd probably go again, and so would a lot of people.

But just having him for one day, and the ticket prices going up to the point where as a package it's not much cheaper than Creation? And having a 50-50 percent chance of your photos coming out because Froggy is always so hit and miss (and will *always run out of ink or paper? Or both?)I don't see the value in it.

Right now, the only thing Eyecon has going for it is the hotel is pretty much built for a con going crowd, what with the mall being attached, which makes it so much easier to be without a car. But other than that? Nah.

But, I don't see when he'd have the chance to do another con for SPN. Jared's got the Sydney con in April, and Asylum in May. I'd imagine both of those trips will probably stretch out for a couple of weeks each so they can have vacation and also do press junkets for the international audiences. Plus Kenny has a Twilight con going on in May. June is the cruise that Kenny still insists is happening, unless he's gonna cancel that and turn it into a land con with Jared (in which case, I want my deposit back to use for tickets dammit!). July is limited because the guys are back at work, August is the Creation Vancouver convention, and so yeah...that kind leaves September.

I'm wondering if the cancellation is more "whoops - not enough $$$ to pay him, gotta drop him despite having known this for some time"

I put nothing past Kenny. *shrug*

You know, Creation really needs to have a convention at that hotel. I love it there, but I will not do another Eyecon event. Pretty much no matter what.

I probably would if it was Jared *and* Misha both for two days. But I wouldn't go Platinum, and I wouldn't buy any extras other than photo ops.

I think Creation needs to do a con here in Columbus so I don't have to travel at all!! LOL!

Have you considered e-mailing him to see if you can get what you had transferred over to the land con, like how you and I both got a general ticket and then Jared photo and Jared autos - that we should get our money back? I am tempted to at least see what he says, and send him the e-mails of him confirming my transfer as evidence.

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