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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Burning a hole in my pocket like Castiel burns out eyes....
chris mens journal
That would be money, that is.


This is it though--I am totally going to sit down and start plotting out a budget. Is there anyone who is good with that, and can assist me?

Mostly, I just need to stop spending money on stuff I don't *need*. But...I still need wiggle room for stuff I want. Is it possible?

Anyway, today I decided to head out to Bed Bath and Beyond, because they had this duo rain shower head on sale for $29.99. And I had a coupon for $10 off. Now, I didn't need a new shower head--the one I have works fine. But the handheld part on my shower sucks because I have never been able to get it to stick to the wall, so it just hangs down and sits in the tub. But this one has a place off to the side of the attached shower head to hold the handheld, so it's really like having two shower heads. Yay! Now if I can just get it attached.

Then, I finally gave up on my Pure water filter for the sink--it's too big, and my sink isn't deep enough, and it aways gets in the way. So I got some fixture that's a EuroJet, since I figure I never used the filtered water anyway, I always just bought bottled water. It still is a little too long for the sink, but since it moves 360 degrees, I can move it out of the way.

So, total there? About $35.

Then I went over to Target, and this is where I get into trouble, folks. I am a Target addict. Especially the new Target over by the BBB, because it's really big and shiny and new. The Target by my house is small--a petite Target, if you will. I went in to get cotton balls (to use to put on Stanley's new medicine) and refills for his poop bag dispenser. But.....

First I linger around the makeup section, which is always dangerous, and decide I'm gonna get some new mascara because I'm almost out of the one I like, but I wanted something new so I bought that new Stilleto mascara, but I don't really like that so I wanted something else. So I just went back to the old standby of Loreal's Lash Out. Then I wandered over into the facial care section and even though I am still satisfied with my current Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Acne Wash and Dove moisturizer, I get into my head that I want to switch to Boots. Because I was mood of missing the UK, and missing Boots, OK? And I was gonna switch to No.7's line, but I like to pretend I'm not old and I will never need skin care that focuses on fine lines, so I went with the Expert line. I got the anti-blemish foaming cleanser, light sensitive moisturizer, and the anti-blemish serum.

Then I make my way to the pet section, and find the dog poop bags for Stanley's dispenser are marked down, so I buy both the remaining packages because they are on clearance. And I don't wanna run out (because the apartment complex is cracking down on all of us picking up our dog's poo.) Then I run through the grocery section, find a family size box of the Fiber One bars I like, which is cheaper than buying three of the normal boxes. Then I buy some frozen single serve veggies, some almonds, some Gladware bowls to replace the ones I keep losing and linger in the bedding aisle before deciding I can't find any bedding I like and check out.

So, there I spent $77. Oh, and I forgot the cotton balls. *sigh*

I zipped through the car wash to wash my car because it was filthy, then swung through Steak and Shake to get a plain--no mayo, no sauce, just lettuce, which confused the clerk--grilled chicken sandwich because on the way home I realized I forgot to set anything out to defrost for dinner. So there I spent $6.

Then, I came home, was playing online, and was all, "Dammit, I need to just go ahead and buy the Misha photo ops for Chicago and Vancouver before they sell out." I figure between people meeting him last weekend, and the next couple of weekends at cons, his photo ops will sell out when people see/hear about how cool he was, etc. So...that was $109 (man, I hate those damn handling fees!) for both of those.

But, hey, I figure the Misha ops will be even *more* motivation to kick my ass into gear on the diet/exercise front, because he's sooo tiny and skinny. And I seem to be stuck at 12lbs lost since the beginning of February, and that's not getting it done. So hopefully the idea of looking like a huge whale next to Misha will motivate me more to start working out.

So....I spent about $200 in two hours.

I had been doing pretty good before that--I shaved $30 off my normal grocery shopping, and since I have been packing my lunch and breakfast every day since I started my diet last month, I have been saving there.

It's just...I need to get money saved for these trips, and also I need to cough up $500 for the deductible to get my car fixed, and some other stuff.

So yeah--I'm going to sit down, figure out a budget, and start kicking more into my savings, I think.

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Well, you know as an accountant I am all about the saving and pinching pennies.

Haha--I think I'm just terrible at saving! I mean, I *use* most of the stuff I buy, but I'm also aware that I probably don't *need* most of the stuff I buy.

The thing I'm just not very good at is budgeting for shopping--things like groceries and stuff like that. Which is why one week I can go to the store and spend $50 and the next week spent $150.

I'm trying to start to use coupons, but it kinda makes me buy more. LOL!

Edited at 2009-03-15 02:10 am (UTC)

Did you pay cash for all of that today? (other than the photo ops)

Why did you need the sink thing, exactly?

When going to the grocery store plan out what you want to have for the week (each meal) and then make a list, only get those items. Compare prices and get the cheapest per unit priced item. Are you getting cleaning products and paper products when on sale or do you buy when needed? I'd wait for a sale and stock up.

I have a spread sheet to track my spending and it helps a lot. You'd be surprised at what you can save if you put your mind to it. I'd be more than happy to help you if you like.

Oh, I pretty much pay cash for all of it--even the photo op tickets, I put on my debit card. I only have a couple of credit cards, but they are pretty close to maxed just from paying for the hotels for the past couple of cons--when people pay me cash for the room, I end up using that as my spending money at the con.

So that's part of why I want to get on a budget and try to get those paid off.

I got the sink thing because I did have a Pure water filter on the sink, but it was so big and clunky, and my sink is small and not very deep, so it was hard to do things like even fill a glass if I had dishes in the sink, etc. I'd thrown away the old faucet fixture, so I needed to get another one(or else the water splashed everywhere when turning on the faucet.) I probably could have gotten a cheaper and plain one by going to Lowes or something, but I was pretty far away from the Lowe's, and didn't want to make another stop.

I'm pretty terrible at grocery shopping because I never know what I want to make or anything usually. I'm not very good at planning out meals. But last weekend I did manage to clean out my freezer and pantry so I can at least see what I have--I mean, I had 6 bags of frozen broccoli because I'd always get it when I go to the store! LOL!

I did take some steps to try and lower my utilities--I got a digital thermostate for my furnace so it's easier to keep my heat lower--now I just need to be better about turning off my lights!

I might look into switching my phone to the cable phone--it only saves me $15 a month, but that's an extra credit card payment I guess. Or maybe I should switch to just using my cell phone. It is kinda silly to have both, especially since I hardly use the phone and I'm paying over $140 a month to have both.

My cable bill is pretty high, but--I can't get rid of any of my channels! LOL! I refuse to make that sacrifice since I watch a ton of TV.

When in a budget crunch it's best to think long term. If you are spending on a luxury item, think "how long will this amuse/fascinate/work for me?". Is it something you already have in some version (how many pairs of open toed pumps do I need?). If I buy this now, will I be sick of it in three months/three years? If you are ok with the time and it's not going to put a crunch on buying stuff you need or are trying to save for in the future, go for it. If not, take a pass.

I'm very glad you turned around to the Misha love! I remember when we were deciding between NJ and Eyecon (so glad Vancouver came along and we did neither now!!!), and Rachel and I were all MISHA, we have to see MISHA and you were kinda, yeah whatever you crazy girls. LOL!!!

You know, I'm gonna be super nervous about these Misha pics (not like I get for Jensen, but still nervous). You might have to push me up there!!

I think we totally need to get a Misha photo op together at one of these cons. *nods* I even have planned out what we can say: "We usually only do these twofers with Jared! But we had to make an exception for you!" LOL!

I liked Castiel, but it was the new con vids and interviews that turned me around to Misha. I mean, as much as Rachel and I always snarking with "Dance, monkey, dance!" about people demanding they do line readings and stuff, how could I *not* appreciate a guy who refuses to do it and says, "I'm not your monkey!!" It's like he *wants* to sit around and snark with the Plastics!!

Don't get me wrong--I still lurve Jared the most. It's just I think Misha would have really awesome stories because he's done all this crazy life experience shit.

Edited at 2009-03-15 11:32 pm (UTC)

YES!!! let's totally get a Misha together!!! Then you can lean around his chest and say "Hi Amy!" hahahahahahaha

Oh he could TOTALLY snark with the Plastics! We should make him an honorary member. :D

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