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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Breakfast with Jared--final price.
chris mens journal
So the final price for breakfast with Jared at Eyecon was:


Hmmm....like I said before, I wonder if Kenny's shitting himself right now, because he said last time the money from the auction saved the con and paid for a lot of Jared's appearance fee. That one brought in $19,000 altogether ($3800x5) and this one is only gonna bring in $3000. So basically less than *one* person paid last year is what this one brought in altogether.

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I am shocked it went for so low. That's even cheaper than what I paid for breakfast with him at the first EyeCon! If I was going, I would have definitely bid!

Yeah, with the price so low if I was going, I think I'd have bid too.

It just boggles me--all the auctions added up together brought in less than half of what Jared's alone brought in last time.

Jim: 155x5=755
Jared: 600x5=3000
Royalty: 575x4=2300

Total: $8555

Crazy. Well with the economy being what it is, and the fact that there's so many cons this month alone, and seeing as how people seem to go to multiple cons, I can see why it went for less. Hell, I'd have loved to have done another eyecon, but sadly just didn't have the money for it. Well I did, but I didn't want to spend it on a con but anyway. That is crazy though. Hopefully EyeCon will do another con next year and announce it early enough that I will go with them rather than Creation. But now I'm digressing, lol. Jim sold really low though. Poor Jim.

I don't know if it's the economy, people not wanting to give Kenny money, or what.

But the auction only got less than 30 bids! Misha's auction got about twice as many bids, although it ended up going for $500.

I'm totally curious as to how many seats he's sold. I remember last time they took out two or three rows of Platinum because they were unsold, and it seems like even less this time have sold.

Edited at 2009-03-14 08:22 pm (UTC)

Kenny would be the dumbest fucking business man alive he that's how he planned to make money. You cannot count on that stuff. Which is clearly evident this time around!

I still say he was just blowing smoke up everyone's ass with that line last time.

More people probably bid on Misha because the weren't sure Jared was getting a breakfast.

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