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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Some Ruby ramblings
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So, I read that new interview with Gen Cortese (which, I'm sure she's a nice girl and it started off cute, but got condescending toward the end so yeah, still not a fan) and I had posted this over on spn_tv, but then I deleted it because, I dunno--I thought it was long and rambly so it needed to go in my journal instead.


I could buy the idea that Ruby has changed her tactic to get Sam more on her side...but the problem is, Cortese is doing *nothing* between the lines to indicate that this is so. From what I've seen (unless she's super improved over the last few eps) she's pretty much playing it straight up as written and not bringing anything else to it. Acting is a bit more than just spitting back lines that are written on a script page, but that's exactly what she does. When she's not saying anything, she's just blankly staring at the other actors(which isn't much of a change from when she actually *is* saying her lines), and you can almost see her counting the beats until her next line starts. And it comes across extra blatently because she's sharing the screen with two actors who *know* how to do that--Jensen and Jared are always throwing in little extra expressions, movements, etc which bring more to the script than what is written on the page. Even when the camera isn't on them.

Hell, even Katie did it. I remember that one scene at the end of Sin City where Katie's Ruby was talking about she'll be the fallen angel on Sam's shoulder, blah blah. The camera pulls back to focus on Sam's face, so Katie is just kind of an out of focus blur in the background. But...as soon as she finished her lines, her facial expression completely changed, and she got this kind of demonic, evil, kind of scary crazy twisted grin on her face, and her eyes looked kinda crazy, and it made me sit up and go "Holy crap--OK, so her agenda *so* isn't good." In fact, I remember people speculating a lot at the time that maybe Ruby was in fact Lucifer based on that scene. And it was an example of Katie continuing to act even though the camera wasn't really on her, bringing more to the script than just the words on the page. I have a feeling if we had that scene today, we'd just have Ruby staring blankly at the back of Sam's head.

I know people blame it on the writing, and to some extent that's true...but that's true of *all* the characters. I mean, come on--it's not like Cortese is getting handed scripts on the quality level of a bad direct to DVD movie while Jensen and Jared are over there reciting Shakespeare. If you look at it, *all* the characters this season are getting some pretty bad writing, but at least the other actors sell it.

I just kind of sum it up like this--I thought the Bela character last season was written like absolute crap, except for her first appearance. It was 100% totally and completely obvious that Bela was a one shot character that they forced into scripts simply to have a second female character and that was why she never worked in the show (and also why her character had the *exact* same plot every time she appeared--show up, steal something, cause the boys trouble, leave with a snarky remark.) But you know what? As crappily as that character was written and as much as I hated the character, I never had a problem with Lauren's acting. She sold the scripts above and beyond what was written on the page. The *character* made me groan, not the actress. But in this case, both the character and the actress are making me groan, which is sad because I loved Ruby last season.

And Bela never made me skip episodes.

I think Starflower at TWoP summed up my reaction to the interview the best: "And I don't think that blaming the viewer for not understanding the 'acting choices' is helping her case because it's *her* job as an actress to make the character work, not mine.

ETA:Also? I'm tired of being told I don't want girls on the show because they get between the boys. I *do* want girls on the show. If I were an across the board woman hater, I'd hate all female characters on every show. But I don't.

What I want is a well written, well acted female character that brings something to the show aside from sex appeal. Or hell, just a decently acted female character that brings something to the show. I thought last year, Ruby brought something to the show, at least a little. When Sam was all, "I'm not talking about trusting her Dean, I'm talking about *using* her!" I thought that brought a good dynamic between the character and them--they didn't trust Ruby, but she was useful, and it kind of became a sticking point between Sam and Dean, where Sam is more willing to use someone to get what he wants, where Dean isn't sure the ends justify the means, especially when the means are made up of something he's been taught can never bring anything good.

But this season, we've got Sam wholeheartedly trusting Ruby, and now Dean's on the Ruby is awesome train, so the whole fundamental reason the character worked on the show is now gone, and you're kinda left thinking, "So...what's the point?" I mean, saying "She's making Sam go dark" is a cop out, because *Sam* is making Sam go dark, and he's got plenty of issues on his own plate to make that happen without Ruby there, so again...what's the point of Ruby?

Or at least that's how I feel. YMMV.

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You know how I feel about it!


Hehe--I knew you'd agree!

It just makes me sad, because I really liked Ruby last year. And I don't buy the "She's different because she went to hell" excuse, because....hadn't she already been to hell??

I could buy the change as a way to bring Sam under her thumb if the actress was presenting it as such. Like someone at TWoP said: "If this is the case, it should've been played as "same personality, new strategy," rather than "Ruby had a total personality transplant and fell in love with Sam."

As crappily as that character was written and as much as I hated the character, I never had a problem with Lauren's acting.

Oh, man. I had a HUGE problem with her acting. She was atrocious and so freaking painful to watch (as is the new Ruby). Her character was forced into the show. I think had she been a better actress Bela might not have been so bad. She might have made those horrible lines and plots easier to take.

I don't care if they add more characters. I just want them to be able to act, to make me believe they are their character and have the character have some sort of purpose in the story.

Where is this article? I'd like to read it.

The only problem I had with Lauren's acting was her underbite was fairly distracting. I couldn't stop staring at it! LOL! But I thought she did a good job playing devil may care, bitchy only out for herself snark. But the problem was, until the end, the character never evolved past that from a story standpoint. I mean, acting wise, I thought Lauren did a fine job in some later eps (like Red Sky) showing that there was other sides to the character, but the writers never moved past the stupid thief who makes the guys look like morons aspect.

But at the very least, Lauren at least had facial expressions and emotions in her eyes! LOL! I swear, sometimes I wonder if Ruby is stoned because her eyes and face are so expressionless! LOL! And not just in the "Oh, I need to put on a poker face" type situations!

I don't have a link, but I think it's at supportsupernatural.com. Or something like that--it was linked in the newsletter.

Yep, agreed on pretty much all counts. *sigh* I really tried to defend Gen for a long time and kinda suggested that people focus their hate on *Ruby* not Gen, but at this point, I'm done. W/ her tone in that interview...that's not cool. Quite honestly I'm thinking that Jared had to have pulled strings in order to get her to stay, either that or Kripke is under SUCH stress from the network to have boobs on the show that he's actually sacrificing his own story's integrity to keep her on and appease the network. Unless he really is a complete idiot, there's no way he *actually* finds her to be the person most fitted for this role. Either way, she's dead weight, and now she's getting all defensive and bitchy when people call her on it. Sorry Gen, you're only making things worse by doing that. Blaming it on ignorant fans is a surefire way to have MORE hatred thrown your way, and I'm not even gonna bother trying to not let it bleed over to her person anymore. For the record, I do still think she did a great job on Wildfire (others don't agree and that's fine, but *I* very much enjoyed that show and her portrayal), so I'm not sure what happened on SPN. Maybe she fell sometime between last year and this year and all of her acting skills got knocked out of her, I don't know. But when people are actually begging Katie Cassidy to come back (when she was rather ruthlessly picked apart last year as well), you know you've gotten to an all-time low w/ acting.

Yeah--I mean, I don't *hate* her, I just don't so much care for her personality type based on interviews I'd read. She seem like someone that would irk me, so...I kinda never really got the idea that we *have* to like her just because she's a celeb, or she's on the show, or dating Jared, or what. I mean, sometimes in life, you just don't like people. Not a big thing, ya know? We can't like everyone in the world. It's not human nature.

That said, while I have to like an actor as a person to become a fan of them, I don't have to like an actor as a person to appreciate or enjoy their work. I mean, I can't stand Milo, but I still like Peter (mostly) on Heroes.

But yeah--when fans are overwhelmingly standing up and saying, "Seriously, there's something wrong here" kind of coming back with, "Well, it's not my fault. You just don't get my interpretation" smacks of condescending (which, was exactly what rubbed me the wrong way about her in the earlier interviews I read.) And I really can't be down with that.

Plus, I don't know what show she's watching, but some of the stuff she was claiming to interpret? Sure as hell didn't come across onscreen. Like, the bit about being uncomfortable with Anna in the car? Does this really look like someone who "just about wants to scratch her skin off she is so uncomfortable"? It looks like someone sitting there looking bored.

So yeah, this interview seriously didn't do her any favors. It'll be interesting to see her interview in the new SPN magazine, because I assume this interview was done over email and not edited or tweaked(so it's probably a more accurate reflection of her take on the character) where the magazine interview is probably gonna be edited, cut,and tweaked so it sounds more like what the fans want to hear. Heheh--perhaps that website should have held onto this interview until after that one was published!

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