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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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The verdict of the PadaCourt.....with Jared interview clip!
south park thumbs up
Well, I've listened to all the arguments (and let me tell you, please do not ever go up in court against shadow_of_doubt because you will lose. Seriously. The girl came armed with a case for Jared! LOL!And then lfg1986 swooped in for the kill with her post reminding me of why I liked Jared to begin with, plus added PadaPups pics) and considered all the evidence (including two Ackles advocates making arguments) and I'm ready to render a provisional verdict....

Jared is very cute. And tall. And I do love a tall man. So I think I can provisionally return to the Pada-Flock pending a final decision once he makes some con appearances and he still treats his fans like they're awesome and his favorite thing next to candy. If he does that, my verdict to return will be final and binding. If he's not....well, we'll cross that bridge when it happens.

But I'm still going to ignore Sam/S4 Ruby and Jared/Gen, so if you're filtering me off of posts about that--keep it up! I'd appreciate it! I want to pretend that neither exist, and Ruby just died off at the end of season 3, back when she was cool.

Anyway, as penance, or celebration, or whatever you want to call it, I'm bringing you a gift. I don't know if it had been posted or not (I assume not, since shadow_of_doubt would have linked me to it, I think!) but if it hasn't, enjoy! I noticed on my Cinemax on Demand they have a sneak peek of Friday the 13th, and when I clicked on it, it was actually a quick little interview with Jared, Amanda, and Danielle. I screwed around with my DVD recorder and the DVR, rigged it up, ripped it, and uploaded it for ya'll to enjoy. Also, there is a two minute clip of the film itself showing one of the killings, so if you don't want to be spoiled...look away when it warns you to.

Megavideo version which might be bigger.
Please credit me if you repost the vid.

ETA: I reposted as a YouTube version--it doesn't cause popups.

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Yay! Welcome back!!! Woo!!

Thanks for posting the video! I'm going to repost it on my LJ, with credit to you of course.

YAY!! I'm so glad you're coming back over to the PadaFlock, even if it's only on a conditional basis. I'm actually kinda the same way, where I'm a little bit nervous for the NJ con. But assuming there's nothing DRASTICALLY different about how he is w/ the fans and all that, I think it'll all be fine. Here's hoping. ;)

And thanks for that video!! Haha, I love the little "Whitney/Jason love affair" scenario. And I love that little warning it gives before the movie clip. That's awesome, lol.

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