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Hey ames1010, I just saw your YIM messages. I wasn't ignoring you--I wasn't at home. I was at the movies and didn't get home until like 2AM(although I was posting and reading LJ from Chuck while waiting for the movie to start), and my computer must have rebooted and started YIM. I didn't see you writing to me until this morning! Well, I guess it's afternoon now! Sorry I missed ya!

Anyhoo, yeah, I had a "date" on Valentines Day--LOL! My fellow single friend Suz and I decided we'd buck the trend of doing nothing on V-Day and instead took outselves out to see Confessions of a Shopaholic. We went to the big nice 24 screen theater on campus, and the theater was *packed*. Not for our movie, of course, which seemed to be only about 1/4 of the way filled with fellow single girls like us, but obviously for Friday the 13th. In fact, while I was sitting outside the women's bathroom waiting for Suz after the movie, I heard several girls tee-heeing about Jared's "sweet ass", so needless to say, everyone knows who Jared is after this (please don't get all Hollywood big-headed Jared!)

And the lobby of the theater was still buzzing at 12:30 when we left, because there was still another showing of F13 coming up, so the theater was still busy. It's the theater down by campus, so it makes sense that lots of students would be going there to see the movie (they get discounts, etc.)

However, I wonder if people will go see it again, or we'll just have this HUGE dropoff next weekend, where it goes from #1 to #10. Most horror films tend to do that.

Anyway, so we were in Confessions of a Shopaholic, and it was totally cute. I mean, the movie wouldn't be crap without Isla Fisher though. Script wise, it was kinda blah (although I like the books they're based on) but without casting her, this wouldn't be worth seeing in the theater. But it is because of her--she's cute and funny, and she just sells the whole character in a way that makes you want to be her BFF when you leave the theater.

She is seriously freakin adorable. And I coveted all her handbags, including the little red YSL bag she walked away from in the end!

So, it was an enjoyable nite, and then after I dropped off Suz, I decided to go to the grocery store (since I was already out) and then come home to watch some of the SNL I TiVo'd, but I fell asleep after Weekend Update so I need to rewatch. But that JoBro skit with Alec was hilarious!

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