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If you are able...hold my table...

So I went ahead and clipped Jack's prayer from last nite's 30 Rock, cause it cracked me up so much!

If you didn't see it, the set up is Jack (Alec Baldwin) wants to celebrate Valentine's Day with his new girlfriend Elisa (Salma Hayek.) He has plans for them to visit a restaurant called Plunder to partake in "The Lover's Delight" --a $1000 sundae that he describes as " a dessert for two with Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream in a pool of Cognac, drizzled in the world's most expensive chocolate, covered with shaved white, black and clear truffles, and topped with edible 25-karat gold leaf." Only problem is, Elisa is a devout Catholic who must attend Mass, since it is Saint Valentine's Day...a situation that isn't going to work for lapsed Catholic Jack.

So he tries to have his sundae and eat it too:

Hee! Alec Baldwin kills me every week on this show! He deserves all the awards he gets for it!

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