ShannenB (shannenb) wrote,

Did Creation's site crash again?

Cause I'm trying to get on to order a J2 photo (which I can not afford in light of Stanley's appointment costing twice as much as I expected, but I know if I wait until the 30th they'll be gone, so I guess it's two weeks of Ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for me!) and I can't even get the site to load.

If I miss out on the tickets because Creation's site doesn't work, I'll be sad. :(

ETA: Never mind--it went through. Yay! I mean, my bank account is hurting with this, my car payment, and my insurance payment coming out of the same check (plus I need to pay my cable bill, which is like $180) but I'd be kicking myself if I missed it. I guess I'll have to just be super budgety for the next two weeks.

Well, except I'm gonna have to lay out money for Stanley's prescription dog food and his antibiotics. The antibiotics I can handle, but the dog food is like $40 a bag, which sucks.

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