ShannenB (shannenb) wrote,

Golden Globe Awards: Some commentary until I get bored with it

Holy shit Sting! I don't....I don't even know what to make of that look! When Colin Farell is even all "What the fuck is that?" you know you look crazed.

Awww..Demi waving to her daughter was totally cute. Just what we needed to wash the taste of Hobo!Sting out of our mouths!

How could NPH not win? I call shenanigans!!

Hey, I didn't know Jonathan from Buffy wrote Recount. I saw him sitting there at the table, and I was like, "Oh, maybe he was in it" because I only saw part of it on cable, but when Laura Dern said something about "Danny Strong's amazing script" I was all, "Wait..that's Jonathan." Then I had to run to IMBD and sure enough, he wrote it. Well, good for him! It's always good to be multitalented.

Aww, now look how cute Zefron and Hayden look together. She needs to be with a boy like that, not that goob Milo.

Speaking of Heroes co-stars...well, shit Quinto looks good! And also, I don't do slash, but I predict loads of slash being written about he and Chris Pine, because they do look good together...

Haha! I love how whenever they show the JoBros, they immediately cut to Miley Cyrus. We just need Taylor Swift here too to complete the uncomfortable tween romance situation.

What the hell is wrong with Johnny Depp? Are we interrupting him from his important day or something? He's all, "Yeah, whatever, here's the nominees, here's the winner, I'm blowing this pop stand. Depp Out!"

Well duh, obviously Heath was gonna win.

Dude, Seth Rogan is losing a lot of weight. I know he's doing it for his role as the Green Hornet, but it looks weird. Not *Seth*, ya know?

Yay, Alec Baldwin! Good Times Accompished! :)

Oh, and have I mentioned I hate Entourage? Cause I do.

Ha! It's so funny that Jack McBrayer basically looks exactly like Kenneth the Page sitting there--same expression on his face and everything! LOL!

Yay for 30 Rock....but are we ever going to get to Best Actor in a Comedy Film? Cause I have other things I need to do tonite, dammit!

WHAT?? I call Super Shenanigans! James Franco was robbed, dude!! Screw this awards show, I'm switching to Rock of Love! Bah!

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