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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Sinuses suck
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
Hmmm...will anyone ever reply to my messages? I feel like I'm talkin' to myself here! LOL!

Anyhoo, I still am having mondo sinus problems, but still stubbornly refusing to go to the doctor about it just yet (mainly, I don't have time.) This morning I bent over to get a file out of the cabinet, and there was so much pressure from the bending that I thought the right side of my face was gonna cave in! Meep! And my back three or four teeth on the right upper jaw are aching like something fierce. I read that a sinus infection can cause tooth pain because the roots of the upper teeth kinda rest near or in the sinus and get inflamed by all the ooky stuff in the sinus.

But...I'm not congested. I mean, on occasion I might blow my nose and it's all thick (like when you're getting over a cold) but I'm not plugged up where I can't breathe, and my nose runs occasionally but it comes and goes. In short, I don't feel like I need a decongestant.

So...I dunno, but I'm miserable and I'm not sleeping well. I took some Sudafed Sinus before I went to bed, but it gave me weird dreams. Like I dreamed that Jason Vorhees was chasing after Jared, and I was supposed to be saving him, but I kept getting sidetracked by things like chores around the house...like, "I'll be there to save you in a minute, Jared...I just need to load the dishwasher and fold these towels!" Also not helping was that Jason kept running outside to kill random people and then coming back in and making a mess which I'd then have to clean up. Poor Jared...I don't think I ever got around to getting to him. I woke up right when I was heading upstairs to help him escape from the bathroom...and also to mop the floor in there. LOL!

Maybe my dream state was trying to tell me to use this weekend of being snowed/iced in to give my apartment a good scrub down. Although I'm not sure what Jason and Jared had to do with that....

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I've been having sinus headaches all week. Its so frustrating! I've been taking Tylenol Sinus but it only helps for a little while.

Your dream is hilarious! I can just see Jared trying to hide from Jason and saying something like, "Man, I wish Shannen would hurry up and finish folding the laundry so that she can SAVE MY ASS!"

I'm giggling at your dream. You know...if it happens again you could try and combine your responsibilities - you could save Jared because if Jason did get him it would likely be very, very messy and you would have to clean up all the blood. By saving Jared you actually *save* yourself some cleaning chores, yes? *g*

Sinus problems don't always come with obvious congestion. I rarely have congestion but have terrible sinus pressure regularly throughout the year. The best thing I've found for sinus pressure not due to an infection is Allegra-D, which is prescription only. You might try Claritin-D, which is OTC and has a very similar formula.

It sounds like you've probably got a sinus infection, which will require at least one, possibly more, round of antibiotics. It's pretty much impossible to verify the existence of a sinus infection without actually draining the sinuses, however. Doctors are leery of prescribing antibiotics these days, for good reasons, so your doc may want you to try OTC stuff before writing you a scrip.

Nasal sprays can be helpful in relieving pressure, even just filling a nasal-spray bottle with water and using that a couple of times a day. Most of the prescription sprays are supposed to relieve congestion, but one doc told me that anything that keeps the sinuses moist will help in general.

You might want to try a humidifier in your bedroom as well--that's always a must-have for me when the heat's running a lot. Both gas and electric heat dry the air out terribly.

Sinus problems often manifest as tooth pain because the nerves are so close to the sinuses. Get rid of the sinus problem and your toothaches will disappear.

I think it's time for you to go seek medical attention. Our sinuses are covered by cells that produce mucus, which "traps" bacteria that colonize sinuses and prevents them from attaching themselves to the cells. They also have cilia, which are very small tentacle-like thingies on top of them. These "sweep" mucus and bacteria out of our sinuses, thus stopping them from multiplying and making a mess out of our nasal cavities. For some reason, and without you having a runny nose, something's preventing mucus from getting out of your sinuses, you probably had a cold in the past few weeks and there was some excess mucus which sealead your sinuses' opening. If mucus can't get out, it makes a wonderful culture media for bacteria, and antihistamines probably won't help (they make mucus drier and stickier). For now I guess you can drink lots of liquids and try to get an appointment to see if a doctor can prescribe you some antibiotics, but waiting on the problem will only make it worse, and I'm sure it's worrying you enough right now...

FWIW, I really hope you get better soon, nothing is as annoying as the sharp pressure-like pains of sinusitis.

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