ShannenB (shannenb) wrote,

Well, I didn't get Jared under my tree....

But I got some other pretty good stuff. Christmas Eve we went over to my stepmom's house to have dinner and exchange gifts, then last nite my dad came down, and we went over to Kelly's for dinner and to exchange gifts. But Anthony was *really* sick yesterday, so he just kinda opened his presents quietly and went straight to bed. And Lincoln slept through the whole thing cause he's been sick too.

We all said we were cutting back this year, so I really only asked for 4 things. Good thing about that was, I got all of them! LOL!

*A backpack for my camera and computer, which is great because while I love my current camera bag, when I go on trips I have to use both of my allowed carryons to bring my laptop and my camera. Now, I can put them both in one bag, and still bring a purse or some other carryon bag.

* A smaller camera bag which will hold just my SLR and my telephoto lens. When I go to cons, I usually shoot with my telephoto lens all the time, and this way I can just carry that one, and not have to carry it around my neck (leaving it prone to getting smacked around) or find someone to hold it while I get autographs so that I don't accidentally smack a guest in the head with the lens over the autograph table.

* Hamilton Beach 3 in 1 Hot Beverage Center. I can finally freecycle my Home Cafe machine that I never used because I didn't like it, and this one is much smaller so it fits in my kitchen better. The only thing is, it's missing the holder for the coffee pods, so I think I need to call the number in the manual and tell them I need a replacement. But, it also brews loose grounds, so I can just use that until the pod holder comes in.

*A new shredder, so I can *finally* shred all those damn bank statements I get!

Those things, I got from Kelly, along with some peppermint bark, because it's my favorite candy! LOL! Oh, and she made me a big fleece blanket that is red plaid with Scottie dogs on it, and got me a new purse.

Then, my dad got me some Coco Chanel Mademoiselle perfume (for when I want to take a break from Pink Sugar) and my stepmom got me a set of red ceramic canisters that I'd been wanting for my kitchen, renewed my AAA membership, got me some Enchanted Orchid bath gel and lotion from Bath and Body Works, and got me and Kelly both the GT Xpress 101 just because we're always talking about the informercial and if we think you really *can* bake cakes with candy bars in 5 minutes. LOL!

Now, I just need to decide if it's time to take the Christmas tree down, or if I'll wait until Sunday. I'll probably wait--I usually take it down over New Year's, but since that is in the middle of the week and I have to work on the Friday after, I'll probably just go ahead and take it down this weekend.

Tomorrow is Lincoln's birthday, so I need to go get him a card--I think I'm just gonna give Kelly $25 to put in his savings account, since we're only two days after Christmas and he hasn't even taken half his toys out of the boxes yet!

Hope ya'll had a fun holiday as well!

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