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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Well, it *is* Black Friday....
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
And I spent almost $400 without even changing out of my PJ's!

Of course, only half of it was fun stuff. I went ahead and bought the J2 and Jared photo ops for Chicago, because I knew if they sold out, I'd be kicking myself. That there was about $285(that damn handling fee!) Those were the two I really wanted, and I figure if I have money left after Christmas and after getting my car fixed (because that is gonna have to wait until after Christmas) I'll buy the Jensen one if they're still available.

Then the rest of it was paying the phone, electric, and gas bills. So that was no fun. Especially the phone--I hate paying that because I use it so little. I've often though about just disconnecting it and using my cell phone instead.

But I can't believe I made it from Chicago to now without spending hardly any money. That in and of itself was amazing!

Now this morning, I do have to get dressed and face the Black Friday crowds, but only to go buy dog food. No way am I doing Christmas shopping today--everytime I go, the deals are already sold out. So I'll wait and do my shopping online!

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I changed to having a DSL only line for my phone and just use my cell phone now. I saved like 80$ a month.

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