ShannenB (shannenb) wrote,

Jensen Q&A pics

I've posted up my photos from Jensen's Q&A session. I'll be honest--most of these aren't anything to write home about, because he was at the end and my camera batteries were about ready to go. So there are a lot of blurry ones--hopefully the photos I took of just Jensen during the J2 Q&A will be a little better.

See all the pics here.

But, if there's anything in there you want to keep for personal use, go ahead. If you want to post a link to the photos, please link to this post and not to the photobucket album. You can use them for icons or whatever, just give credit for the photo. And obviously don't remove the watermarks.

Tomorrow, I'll probably post the last bit of J2 pics, from their joint Q&A. I have photos of them together, and then photos of just each of the guys as well.

ETA: And in case you missed them:

Jared's Q&A photos

Breakfast photos with both guys

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