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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Little Tidbit from Samantha Smith's panel
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
The recurring theme of the convention seems to be(much to my delight): My Run In With Jared's Dogs. LOL! Every guest has a story about Harley and Sadie.

So this morning, Samantha shared her story. She was sitting in her trailer, and she her dog--a tiny three pound Yorkie--was with her. She had the door open to her trailer because it was a nice fall day, and her Yorkie was sitting in the doorway (she is too small to go up or down the stairs without being carried.) They were near a soccer type field, and Harley and Sadie were out covorting around in the field.

Harley trotted over to the trailer to check out the open door, and this little tiny fuzzball sitting at the top of them. He came up the steps...and promptly got bit on the nose. He took off across the field, and Samantha said he never came over to her trailer again after that.

And that's the story about how a tiny three pound Yorkie took down a 100+ pound Mastiff mix! LOL!

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Oh man! Samantha Smith! Is she just absolutely GORGEOUS in person??? :D

Glad to hear you're all having fun!

She is! She looks totally different than Mary!

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