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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Yeah, that's about it, I'll say....
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
For a quasi-hero, Peter Petrelli likes to whine a LOT. He can never make up his mind about anything, thinks he knows all the answers, is routinely a dick to people about things that have yet to happen and currently corners the market on most annoying character on Heroes. Hands down. --TWoP's Halloween Photo Gallery

Yeah, I'd say that just about sums up Peter pretty well, although I think there's currently a few other characters giving him a serious run for most annoying (I'm talking to you, Spider!Mohinder.)

ETA: The rest of it was pretty funny, too...you know, in case you want to dress like Peter for Halloween. I especially liked the last bit:

The basics: Jet black hair (Just for Men in Just Five Minutes!), a fake scar for your forehead (but take care to make sure it doesn't veer into Harry Potter territory) and possibly some fake blood. Oh, and if you haven't started doing one thousand crunches a night, you'd better start now.

For extra oomph: Mimic what your companions are doing for the entire night to simulate Petrelli's superpower, and talk about how hard your life is a lot.