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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris fall by rainbowkisses31
*God, ESPN can kind of shove it. They never want to give credit to anyone who isn't USC. I mean, to hear them talk, Oklahoma turned into a bunch of peewee football players in the middle of the game and *that* is why Texas won. Not because Texas could have you know, played well enough to win. Shades of the 2005 season, when even after Texas kicked USC's ass for the title, all ESPN could talk about was how USC was the team of the century. God, I hate ESPN!!

*Part of this weekend was spent at the open house at my sister's business. It was actually fun because I basically went outside and oversaw my nephew and his friend playing ninja swords. LOL! Nothing like watching two three year olds run at each other, tap swords, and declare they both won! LOL! He is ninja obsessed now.

*Do we really need this?? Yes, we get it. Everyone's fascinated by Dean. He's still on my shit list for the week though.

*I did absolutely nothing today. Nothing! And I should have...my laundry is out of control. But I slept till noon, watched part of a 3rd Rock from the Sun marathon, and looked up pics of Jared in his "maternity shirt." I'm not really good at constructive use of time! LOL!

*I hope this is an easy work week. My boss is gone for part of it, so hopefully nothing major will come up.

*I want someone (not me!) to take the SPN writers original idea for "Are you there God..." and write a fic where Jessica was one of the spirits who shows up to torment Sam. Has someone done that? If not, I'm kinda surprised, unless it's because nobody is writing Sam fic these days or something.