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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris fall by rainbowkisses31
Dude, if you want to have breakfast with Jared?

It costs you $3800.

Kids, that's more than I paid for my first car!!


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(Deleted comment)
Dude, for $3800, Jared better whip out the Padacock before I'll pay that!

(Deleted comment)
Dude, not one person.

FIVE people--the breakfast was auctioning off 5 seats. They all paid $3800.

(Deleted comment)
See for yourself!

It's five people, breakfast with him for an hour. That said, I assume he'll stay for 2 hours like he did last year.

Still....I wonder with another day, what it could have gotten up to!

That's A LOT more than my first car (a big $300!). Good God, what is wrong with people???

This kind of stuff really has to freak Jared out, don't you think?? I would hope it would at least.

I dunno...I tend to think it's gonna make him not so much weirded out, but he'll put pressure on himself to make sure they have a good time and get their money's worth. I mean, this *is* the guy who got pissed and said "Oh hell no. They're getting more than that." when he found out that for our nearly $400 tickets for the first Creation Con, we were entitled to about 5-7 minutes with them at breakfast.

Of course, there's a huge gap between $400 and $3800....

Haha--that's because Jensen has a higher percentage of crazy in his fandom! LOL! They'd probably pay $10,000, show up in a wedding dress, and jump him in the doorway. LOL!

thats crazy insane, 3800 x 5, bajesus!


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