ShannenB (shannenb) wrote,

Smallville...running ep commentary....

*Man, the preview makes me miss Lex.

*This girl replacement for Lex is kinda....not as awesome as Lex.

*Ollie, you're still a hotass.

*Will the show remember Kara's in the Phantom Zone?

*Just seeing Jimmy in the credit reminds me that I can't stand him.

*Justin Hartley is shirtless in the credits, so the season is already looking up.

*See, Lois looks good with the toned down makeup as the maid. I don't know why they insist on coating her with makeup and frying her hair so she looks so old all the time.

*So Chloe is Chuck now?

*Wait--did Chloe absorb Braniac's powers?

*Clark escaped and got a job at the Russian docks? WTF???

*And he's a hobo who sleeps on the streets?

*Yay! Ollie!! Saving the day, being a hotass!

*That rescue was kinda...stupid. LOL! But Ollie was still a hotass.

*Wait, so Clark got out and left Lex in the ice?

*Ha! Ollie tells the truth: "You're kinda...useless." True!!

*Yay! Ollie finally brings the tickets to the gun show! Meow!!

*Oh no--Chloe can be controlled by meteor rocks?

*Aquaman bores me.

*Lois and Clark's banter is kinda funny.

*I guess Chloe will have to heal Clark

*Oh, God, Clark is dying and the first thing he thinks of is Lana?

*Martian Manhunter? Where did he come from!

*Oh, way to go Clark. You kinda killed Martian Manhunter.

*Years? I thought Bo only died like, two years ago. And Martha only left last year. It's not like you've been living there 10 years trying to hold on to the past, Clark.

*Oh, no she isn't gonna sit in Lex's chair! I knew Lex Luthor, and Miss Mercer, you are no Lex Luthor.

*Duh, it's Clark's footprint. We all know farmboy boots anywhere.

*Seriously, is Chloe gonna become Braniac and Clark will have to kill her?

* Oh yay. Jimmy. Gag.

*I'd like to pretend the entire Jimmy/Chloe relationship never happened, thanks.

* is Ollie gonna be on the show and cut off contact with Clark?

*Dear makeup department--seriously. Keep Lois's hair and makeup like that. She looks not 45 anymore.

*How are all these people getting hired as reporters with no journalism degree??? Especially Clark. Writing a few stories for The Torch is hardly training.


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