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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Eyecon Photo Ops....
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
Hey ames1010 isifrog, and _sin_attract...

Depending on what Kenny's answer is for having multiple people in photo ops this year (like, if we can have all 4 of us in a photo and just pay an extra $10 per person over the normal 2) do we maybe want to get a group photo with Jared, and maybe even get something like the Good v Evil shot?

I figure if we can get the Jared shot it'll be $20 each, and the Good v. Evil shot would be about $55 each.

I don't know if the Good v Evil shot will be allowed since that would be a bunch of people in one photo, but I think we can at least get a Jared photo op with all of us if you guys want to. Let me know and I'll go ahead and get the photo op.

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Oooh, well I'm down for the Jared shot definitely. Hmmmmm, lemme think about the Good vs. Evil one a bit.

All of us plus Jared sounds cool. I'm betting Nicki would appreciate the female company in a pic too. XD

I'm totally down for the Jared one!!! :D

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