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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris fall by rainbowkisses31
Well I escaped from work and now I'm sitting in the doctors office waiting for him to:

1.Yell at me because I didn't get the compression socks yet even though its been 6 weeks that I'm supposed to have been wearing them, and my damn legs are all super swelled thanks to PMS.

2. Yell because I gained weight.

3. Yell because my blood pressure looks high because again his assistant makes you sprint like Carl Lewis after her and then immediately takes your blood pressure

4. All of the above.

*sigh* I just want one bit of time today when I'm not stressed.

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How did the doctor appointment go?

It was OK. My blood pressure was down, which I think is less of a result of the medication and more of a result of the fact that I wasn't super rushed to get to the doctor's office like last time (when I was late.)

He was kinda pissy about the socks, but the reason they're extra swelled is PMS, and he's just not getting that the Lasix isn't working and I need something else.

But I must have pissed him off because he didn't reschedule my normal 3 month follow up. Guess he figures I'll call when I'm out of meds....

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