ShannenB (shannenb) wrote,

*watches everyone drop like flies*

Looks like the excursion to the Myan ruins won't be available on the Eyecon Cruise (unless Kenny's got something up his sleeve.)

I wonder now how many people will drop out--I know a lot of people said that excursion was the only reason they were going, so I imagine people will start changing their minds on attending. Oops...maybe Kenny needs to get Jared now!

Me, I'm just more kinda...*shrug* about it. It would have been cool to see, but to be honest, to me those kind of things are kinda like going to the Grand Canyon in National Lampoons Vacation: "And...we're done." It's kinda like, there it is and you look at it for 10 minutes...and we're done. So I kinda couldn't imagine a 7 hour excursion. I was only thinking about doing it because everyone else was, plus if figured it wouldn't be like I would ever have the chance to be in that area again so at least I could say I had done it.

But I'm bummed for the people who really wanted to see it. It's not ruining my trip though, and I'm not planning on cancelling.

So now, I might do the shopping...or if I can lose some weight, maybe the dolphin encounter (as I don't want to cram my fat ass in a swimsuit looking like it looks now!) Maybe not the swimming with dolphins one, but the encounter one. Wish I could afford the dolphin trainer one!!

ETA: And looking at the description of the Myan excursion, it seems filled with flab: 30 minute restroom breaks, an hour and a half of nothing time until you can catch the bus back to the ferry, etc. The actual guided tour seems to only be a short part of the 7 hours. So it is possible that maybe Kenny has arranged for a private non Carnival excursion that doesn't include buying trinkets from a co-op or sitting around for 90 minutes waiting.

I don't know for sure....I just know I saw Kenny mention going to the ruins several times, and I think he checked to make sure that excursion was available to people somehow.

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