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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris fall by rainbowkisses31
It looks like we're either gonna need a fourth, or just go the three roomie route, isisfrog and _sin_attract

Also, Kenny answered the question about if we all need to book together:

Rooming is a little different than seating at a land based con. You can pretty much let me know at any time that you have someone you would like to room with, although the sooner the better. It isn't necessary to book at the same time. Also, I plan on initiating a roommate finder service soon for those who have no roommate but would like me to help.

As for the Q&A and other event seating, I'm not quite sure how the Cruise line will allow me to handle the numbering of seats and such, though if it is possible, I will have in the database who has paid earliest and such and will reward them for earlier payment.

So it doesn't sound like we need to book at the same time. Just once we've all booked, we need to tell Kenny that we're rooming together (we are, right?) I don't think it'll be a problem because once isisfrog and I have our deposits in, we'll have a cabin, and that's the important thing--that there be a cabin for us out of the 100 available. And we can just say that we're rooming together along with _sin_attract when she books her ticket.

That way, we don't have to do the Paypal thing all the time when we make a payment, unless Kenny is dividing out the payments so even if I put all the deposits down, he knows I'm only paying for one ticket on the payment plan instead of expecting all the payments together, in which case we'd have to keep Paypaling each time we wanted to make a payment (cause I think I'm gonna try to do mine in bits, like $150 each month or something.)

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Yay! We're totally rooming together!!

Hmmmm....so you think that there will still be spots left the week after the 22nd for us non-plat people? Or do you think I could still give you my $200 for you to get my spot on the 22nd, and then after that, I can just send in my own separate paypal payments whenever I want to since he'll have my name on a spot?

I'm probably making this more confusing than it actually is :P

What if we got the 2nd most expensive room split three ways if we can't find a 4th person? From what I read, it sounds like Amy has a group to room with, and everyone else is already making their own groups, so it might be easiest for us to go as a trio.

Actually, it looks like they updated the site--anyone with a Platinum ticket to either convention can purchase early. Since you had a Platinum ticket last time, you can buy it early too!

Oh that's great news! Very exciting! OK, so now we just have to figure out what room to get.

This is going to be our best trip yet, I can feel it! :D

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