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Once again, I like waking up to new Jared! Channel Ten has posted parts 2-4 of Jared's interview here.

1. When he's talking about fan fiction, I think he's confused and he's talking about the SPN *books*. Because he says he "owns some of them" and he calls them books at the end. So I don't so much think he's saving up fics to read after the show. But, I know most people will ignore those little cues in his answer.

2. can totally see him tense up a little, or seem kind of unsure, when the interviewer says the next set of questions will be more personal. And then you can see him visibly relax when the question turns out to be about Guitar Hero. *pets him* Poor guy...I think that'll be his involuntary reaction for a while now after all the rumors and stuff.

ETA: And someone posted some scans of an interview Jared did with an Aussie paper here. He talks about his trip, a little about his new niece, and things like that.

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