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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Jared interview with Channel Ten in Sydney
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
Part 1 of a video interview with Jared has been posted by Channel Ten:

Jared Interview Part 1

You need to watch the ad that plays, then over on the right click TV Shows, then scroll down to Supernatural. Jared's is the first interview on the list.

1. His hair looks seriously soft and thick. *sigh* Please don't cut it!
2. Kripke said Sam's birthday was in June? No it isn't! It's May 2nd! We can count, Kripke! 6 months!
3. It still amazes me that he doesn't think he's funny--he has a really good sense of comedic timing, IMHO. No, he's not the one cracking the jokes on the show like Dean, but he's playing the straight man against Dean's humor and you have to have good timing to do that.

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thanks for the link. God I love that shirt.

Hehehe, he is looking very fine in this interview! I love how he's all like "Just tell me to shut up", LOL! But I love rambly!Jared! ;)

And I said the same thing about Sam's birthday!! As soon as he said it, I was like...NO IT'S NOT, IT'S IN MAY!! Silly boy! Hehe.

I think he's hilarious. Even when he's not supposed to be that funny, he makes such awesome facial expressions that are just so cute and they make me giggle. But yeah, he also has great comedic timing, and sometimes his responses to Dean's one liners are what really make me laugh. My favorite example is the "I'm batman" "Yeah...you're batman..." LOL! It's just his FACE and the tone of his voice, and he cracks me up. :D

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