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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris fall by rainbowkisses31
Can this week just be over now please?

Yesterday when I was leaving work, I noticed the passenger front tire looked kinda low. I just chalked it up to me always thinking my tires are flat, and drove home.

This morning I get in my car to go to work(and I have like a 20 mile commute each way, so it's not just a quick zip down the road) and notice my car is kinda wobbly and I can hear some thunking, before I even get out of my complex. I get out, and sure enough, the freakin tire is super low. Not completely flat, but pretty as damn near flat as you can get without being flat.

So I call work, tell them I'll be late because I need to get to the gas station to get air (which is like a half mile away.) But then I start thinking that driving that far probably isn't something I should do. As _sin_attract can back me up on, the tires for this car are NOT cheap. We're talking somewhere in the neighborhood of $300 per tire. Plus the rims, which are about $200 each I think.

So yeah...not trying to drive to the gas station. So I drove slowly back through the parking lot, and called Mazda's roadside assistance.

So now I'm definitely missing the morning staff meeting, because I think I'm gonna have to have them put the spare on, and then go immediately to the local tire place to see if I picked up a nail or something. Considering I a)just got back from the ghetto of my hometown this weekend, and 2)drive through 80 billion construction sites a day (fucking Columbus and their construction projects!) it's very possible I picked up a nail or a piece of glass somewhere.

ETA: Yep...it was a big old fat nail!

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Ugh, well that really blows!!! Especially when your car isn't even that old!

I know! Luckily they were able to repair the tire. It would have sucked to have to drop that kind of money on a new tire when that one only has 5000 miles on it!

Edited at 2008-06-19 03:08 pm (UTC)

Ick, that sucks. Hope you get it fixed ok. :(

I did--Mazda came out and changed the tire, and then I had to go to the local tire place, have them pull the nail out and patch the tire,which was $25. But much better than the $300+ bucks replacing the tire would have been!

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