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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Couple thoughts on last nites's SYTYCD
chris fall by rainbowkisses31

I was totally down with Robert (killer robot from the future guy) taking himself out of the competition immediately. I know the judges were irritated, but let's be real--the guy isn't a dancer. He's a street performer, and his entire act is a series of tricks. Even though his audition was cool as fuck, I saw nothing in it that made me think this kid could get out there and do a salsa routine, for example. And he knows it. Which is why I have issues with them putting people who are *really* obvious one trick ponies straight through to Vegas. They could have saved themselves the time and the money if they'd put him through to the choreography round in the audtions.

Normally I like the judges, as I feel they actually know what they're talking about as opposed to say, Paula Abdul, but sometimes I wish Nigel didn't have to amp up the drama queen factor so much. The end with Katie and the "I have real problems with you saying you wouldn't come back..." Come the f-on. First, she's a 19 year old kid. Second, she's just been through what's probably been a physically and mentally exhausting two or three days to get to this point, and now she's got the added emotional stress of being directly up against her best friend for one spot left.

So really...knowing the wringer these folks have been through, I can't blame them if they say something like that in the moment while they're up there. Give her a couple of days between the Vegas boot camp and the decision, and she probably says something entirely different. But of course Nigel has to make a big production out of it (which I notice he *didn't* do when "I pour baby oil on myself" Jessi said the same thing about not coming back again if she didn't make the top 20 last season) and makes the judges re-vote and all that crap.

*sigh* I think the situation was dramatic enough (two best friends enter, only one will survive!) without Nigel going all drama queen about it.

But I think the most important question is--can we assume Shane Sparks will not be on this season? Because I notice America's Best Dance Crew is starting up again on MTV, and Shane was a judge over there last season....

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I'm sort of loving Napoleon. And I really hope Wade and Mia do a lot of choreography this season, too. They are my favorites!

Oh how I love SYTYCD!!! :D

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