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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris fall by rainbowkisses31
Is this what you were talking about yesterday, lfg1986? Some person who in the past has claimed to know Sandy posted this at Jared's IMDB (and at the one for the Friday the 13th forum):

After filming together for a few short weeks, Jared Padalecki and Danielle Panabaker have become more than costars. Upon arriving in Austin, Danielle had a long term boyfriend, and Jared had a fiance whom he'd been dating for over four years. It has been confirmed that Jared has broken off his engagement with Sandra McCoy admitting to her not only that he has plans to move on with Danielle, but also, that he had cheated on her repeatedly throughout their four year relationship. This talk happened at the Rennaisance Hotel in Austin during Jared's sister's college graduation reception. They were on the balcony of the lobby, where many other patrons were able to hear much of the conversation. They said Jared seemed very calm and matter of fact, and Sandra appeared shocked and heartbroken. And Jared seemed almost cold considering the information he was revealing to a very trusting and obviously madly in love Sandra. They kept their voices very low, and after about an hour, Sandra gave Jared the engagement ring, they stood up, she wiped her eyes and took a deep breath, and they walked back into the party as though nothing had happened. Pretty strong girl if you ask me. Best of luck to everyone involved!

*wipes tears* Oh, that's rich. It's like every badfic I've ever read. In fact, I suggested perhaps fanfiction.net would be a better place for it.

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*dies laughing* Yep, that's it. I love how now it's taken on this new spin about him telling Sandy about it. Yesterday, it was just that he'd admitted to cheating but hadn't told Sandy. Jesus Christ people, GET A LIFE, LOL!!!

And um...isn't that one of the girls who supposedly got hurt on the Friday the 13th set?? (I say supposedly, cause some people were claiming it was all a publicity stunt).

Oh, it gets better! When I asked why Sandy would give back a ring that belonged to her mother:

She was wearing her mother's ring on on her right hand. The ring she had taken off was one he had made for her and just given her a few weeks ago. The witnesses I spoke to were at the hotel because they were fans of Jared and knew his sister was having her reception there. They are very well aware of the ring situation, and they are absolutely not lying. It will all come out soon enough. But for now, my prayers are with Sandy, as there is no denying how much she genuinely loved him.

I don't know which part I like the best--the threat of "It'll all be public soon" at the end, or the idea that fans would be allowed to hang around the lobby of a really nice hotel (especially if they weren't guests there) to stalk Jared and overhear breakup details.

It's so silly! I'm torn between wanting her to shut up and wanting to see what she'll come up with next. Kind of like how I was about that crazy bride of Jensen's!

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Oh man...Demons I get...

I do hope this is goes away soon, and it doesn't get made into a big thing. Poor Jared, I know people are gonna be asking him about this in Dallas...

Actually, I hope people *do* ask him about it in Dallas--not a "Hey, did you cheat on Sandy with some other actress" but just ask something like, "Are you and Sandy having fun together planning your wedding?" or something lighthearted like that. Or put some little girl up there to ask, "Do you have a girlfriend?" just so there would be some actual unrefutable evidence from Jared's mouth that this is all a crock.

Mostly so I can tell some of the Jared haters on IMDB *cough*mitchohio*cough* who have already convicted Jared of cheating and say it's fun to trash him to just cram in in their pieholes and STFU already.

I dunno, I'm kinda torn. On one hand, I'd like a concrete answer so this will all go away (much like the whole "do you have a myspace?" thing or yeah, the whole crazy girl pretending to be Jensen's wife). But then again, I just have this feeling that it's NOT gonna be asked about in a nice, cute way, and I'd hate for Jared to have to defend himself against rumors of him cheating while he's at a convention for his supposed "fans". It just sucks.

That's true.

Since Sam Ferris had to cancel out on the Dallas con, maybe it would be a good thing for Creation to announce that Sandy has been added as a guest for Sunday. After all, if she and Jared just had this horrible breakup, she wouldn't agree to do a convention with him.

Of course, if she's there with him even without being a guest, that would squash things right there too!

On a non related note, somebody just posted there (not as part of this whole rumor thread--they had no idea why he was in town) that they saw Jared at the Hooters in Austin. So of course that will give the haters more fuel for the "OMG cocktail waitress cheating!" rumors. *eyeroll*

Myself, I sort of want to say to Jared, "Really? Hooters?" I mean, they have good wings and all, but Austin has soooo many places to eat that are much cooler than Hooters for God's sake! LOL!

Sam had to cancel? Hmm, this must have just happened while I was at work or something. Interesting...

Ummm, on a semi-selfish, not-really-related note : HAAAAA! Creation no longer has the OMG MOST SPN STARS EVARRRRRRR AT A CON thing going for it! Not that they really did BEFORE, but ya know, lol. *sticks tongue out at them*

Ahem, sorry, back to the ACTUAL topic, LOL! Umm, that's SUCH BAD TIMING on Jared's part to be at a Hooters, lol. I still don't believe the rumor for one second, but yeah...that's not gonna help anything, lol. Not that he probably even knows or CARES wtf is going on w/ the rumors, but it's just unfortunate timing is all.

As for Sandy being a guest in Dallas, that would certainly back up the claim that they ARE still together. And yeah, even if she's not added officially, I really hope she shows up at least for support, cause otherwise, it's just gonna get a lot worse, since I don't think she's EVER missed a con that he's attended.

Oh Good Lord. Some people really need to get a life. Why on earth would people want to make up crap like this?

I know! Even if it *were* remotely true, like Jared would be all, "Hey, I know we're at my sister's graduation, but I can't hold it in any more, so let me dump you in a public place in front of a bunch of fans."

Yeah, right. Jared and Sandy have always been open about their relationship, but not *that* open that they'd invite spectators to a breakup!

Jared would have to be best actor in the WORLD to secretly be the scumbag that this person is saying he is.

This is all getting totally stupid at this point isn't it!

People suck!

As goofy as he gets over Sandy, he'd need a personality-changing head trauma to be the person described!

lol. Hiatus: good for the lulz!

You seem like the cool sort. I'm friending you.

Cool! Friend away! I'm not that exciting, but I do like to squee about Jared! :)

Hi there! This is probably the weirdest comment you've gotten all day, haha, BUT...

I've been trolling the IMDB wank tonight because I'm really pretty upset by it [I'm RIDICULOUS where my Jared's concerned, SIGH] and just. Every comment/rebuttal you've made over there has made me smile and...just. THANK YOU! <33

I'm friending you, if that's okay. Again, thanks for being sane and helping the rest of us stay that way.

Awww...thanks! And friend away! :)

And I understand getting ridiculous where Jared's concerned. I'm a Jared girl, but I was formerly a mainly Jensen girl...so I do love both guys a lot. I'm just a little more partial to Jared. So it irritates me when some fans think they can slam on Jared just because he's not Jensen. That ticks me off, because Jared does really nice things for his fans. Like at Eyecon--the photo ops were more relaxed than at Creation, so people were asking him to do all sorts of goofy things for their poses, and he went along with all of them and was into it. Even if he thought it was weird, he didn't make people feel like he thought they were weird/crazy for asking. I thought "He totally gets this convention thing and the fans at them." Which I totally appreciated, even though I didn't ask him to do anything silly. I hate when you go to a con and the guests give this underlying sense of thinking we're all a bunch of weirdos...

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