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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Opinions needed
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
OK, here's my situation.

I currently have Verizon as my cell phone service, and my phone is the LG enV (same as Blair uses on GG, but not orange.) I've had it for about a year and a half...and I think it's time for a new phone. I really can't use it much for talking--everyone sounds so garbled that I can only make out about half of what they say. Which isn't a MAJOR problem, since 95% of what I use my phone for is texting and IM and websurfing(which I can't do a lot of on this phone because it's kinda crappy at it--stalling out and such.)

Anyhoo, I thought about waiting until my new every two was up in September and upgrading to a Blackberry Curve(it's the 8310 at AT&T). But my phone contract isn't up until January 2009.

Anyway, right now, AT&T is having a sale on Blackberry phone (well, so is Verizon, but not as cheap.) I can get a red (my preferred color, not available at Verizon) Blackberry Curve for $99.99 at AT&T (I'd have to pay full price for it at Verizon since I'm not at my new every two time yet..which would be $400.) It's actually $199.99, but they have a $100 mail in rebate (it's a Visa card, which you can then use to pay your bill off.) It appears that I can get that discount even if all I'm ordering is the data plan.

At AT&T, their data and voice plans are separate (Verizon's is all in one, and for the unlimited texting/IM I'd have to get the $99/month plan) with the Blackberry data plan (which appears to have unlimited text/email/IM) at $35/month, and a voice plan similar to what I have now for the same price as my voice plan ($39.99/month.) So what I was thinking was getting the Curve now with just the data plan, stripping all the IM/internet/VCast access off my Verizon phone and just carrying both until my contract end date in January, at which time I could either continue to use Verizon as a phone carrier (and maybe get a phone better for talking on,like a Razr or something) and keep AT&T as just a data plan, or switch everything to AT&T and use the Blackberry as a phone too.

Right now, my cell phone bill is between 70-75 per month, so it's not so much an issue of the bills being higher, since AT&T data + Verizon voice would equal about what I'm paying now. All I'd be out is the cost of the phone and the activation.

So, does anyone know anything about the Curve, or Blackberry service with AT&T? Does it work pretty well? How does it work as a phone (just because I don't want to get something where you can't use it as a phone too if I need to do that eventually)? And is AT&T's service decent? I wasn't too thrilled when I was with Cingular, but I was also using cheap ass free phones.

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AT&T!!! That's what I have, so we could always talk for free! :D I've always been very happy with their service. :D

Hee! Shannen....we could be phone buddies!! I too have the blackberry curve with AT&T. If you get one we could text for FREE!!! Oh and I am so in love with my phone. See those photos in my recent posts? yep most of em taken with my little Blackberry. And I'm sending/receiving about 3000 texts a month now. And!!! this was where I decided I will never be without it again....it syncs with MS Outlook. All my contacts and calendar right there in my phone. It also has an MP3 player but well I still haven't even figured that out yet.


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