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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Will Friday ever get here????
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
With the way today is going, I might not make it to Friday!! My co-worker is out today on a personal matter, and the person I assist is out on vacation this week, so the week that was going to be devoted to me clearing my desk (because I hate to leave with a messy desk) has now turned into me picking up loose ends from two people and ignoring my own. *sigh* If the phone would just stop ringing, I could get stuff done.

But, after today it'll just be 3 more days until I leave! Whee!

I just today went ahead and bought photo ops with Sandy and Samantha too--I don't normally get photos with girls because they're so teeny and I'm so whaleish, but I knew I'd kick myself if I didn't get them so I did. I had to email Kenny and say, "I swear, I'm totally done buying tickets now!!" LOL! I seem to say that every time I buy one! He's proabably like "Make up your mind already!!"

So, the final rundown on my tickets is:

1. Platinum B ticket
2. Cocktail Party ticket
3. Banquet ticket
4. Photo op with Jared
5. Photo op with Jared
6. Photo op with Sam Ferris
7. Photo op with Sandy
8. Photo op with Jared & Jim
9. Extra Jared autograph ticket
10. Jim Beaver Autograph ticket

Wow--that's a lot! I didn't realize I had all that until just now!

I don't anticipate spending a lot in the dealer room, just because it's it's like Creation's room, there's not much there I'll want! I'll pick up photo protectors, and photos of everyone to autograph--I'm having Jared sign the Sam Winchester poster I bought from Powerstar, but I need something else for him to autograph too. I might bring my Hunters/Demons book and buy a couple extra autographs from Chad, Alona, and Sandy and get them to sign my book, depending on the cost. I should have Jim sign it too--but I might hang onto it in hopes that he books for Chicago or something and I don't have to pay for each autograph from him. But that way I'll have all the demons & hunters signing it so far. :)

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*so jealous*

Bring me something! XD

I really need a Jared photo op! Do you know anyone with an extra that's willing sell? They are no longer selling them on-line :(

Hmm...I dunno. You might try the Eyecon LJ group and see.

I think they just pulled the online sales so they could finalize the schedule without people continuing to buy tickets. But I think if they have any left, you can buy some at the convention, but anything bought at the con (or since a few weeks ago I think) will have to be taken on Sunday.

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