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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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So that's how it is, huh....
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
Apparently, because I'm fat, I'm automatically in the wrong.

I was coming out of Walmart--now, I hate going to this Walmart, because it's total white trash central, moreso than a Walmart usually is. But the Walmart near my house is undergoing some major renovations so it's become a pain in the ass to shop there. And since I needed to get some groceries as well as get some stuff for Anthony's Easter basket, I figured I should do it in one fell swoop. And this was the nearest SuperWalMart. If I hadn't needed groceries(and if I didn't have a left over $20 gift card from the holidays) I would have been going to Target, trust me.

So anyway, I'm coming out of the store, heading to my car. Some girl in a SUV like thing (a small one) starts backing out of her space *right* as I'm walking behind her car. Now, I wasn't right next to her car(otherwise I would have gotten hit)but she kept backing out and no way she doesn't hit me unless I jump out of the way. So I jump out of the way after yelling, "Hey, watch where you're going! You almost hit me!" I didn't scream it or anything, but she had her windows up so it wasn't like she could really hear me, since she gave no indication (ie, there was no slamming on the brakes as she backed out and heard me yelling or anything.)

I go to my car, and start loading my bags in the trunk. She is backed out of the space, and waiting for people in front of her (which she apparently could see, so I know she's not blind of anything) to cross to their cars. I look at her, and I point to my eyes (I was wearing my glasses) and mouth, "Watch where you're going!"

She pulls her car up next to me, rolling down the window as she's coming up to me. I expect her to say something like, "Sorry, I didn't see you" or something, to which I would have replied something like, "Be more careful" or something.

But instead, she sticks her head out and yells, "Get a job, you fat bitch!"

Umm, excuse me? First of all, *she* was in the wrong! *She* almost hit *me*. How am I the wrong party here? Second of all, I didn't flip her off of anything, so by her comment alone, she *knew* she'd almost hit me.

So as she drove away I yelled, "It's called a rearview. Use it, bitch!" but I don't know if she heard me.

But, it just really pissed me off, because it apparently was totally OK for her to do something wrong and make it sound like it's my fault, because I'm just some fat chick so who cares if I get run over.

I wish I'd had time to point out that if I was so fat, she should have been able to see me in her rearview all the more easily.

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*sends a loaded Rock Salt Gun Your way* i hate "I'm better than you" people, they get on my nervous. So your day was rough hun.. *hugs*

Yeah, it was irritating because she was the moron--she should be thankful it was me and not some little kid who wouldn't know to jump out of the way!

*shakes my head* As mother, that is one of my fears. KC has a bad habit, of "breaking lose" from us, and trying to take off.. dumbasses like her may not see him.. *shudders* I am thankful she didn't hit you. but to not even accept responiblity for her own actions, is just plain out childish, self centered, bs! I guess when she took driver's Ed the forgot to mention the rearview mirror, or she missed that day!


I hate people like that. They should go die.

Hehe--well, I *am* fat, and I admit that (I mean, I'm not one of those fat girls who runs around dressing like I'm a size two or anything.) But what ticked me off was, my fatness had nothing to do with the situation, but she thought it was OK to bring it into the equation, which irks me.

Yeah, she had no right to bring your weight into that. So rude.

Oh god, there is a girl who isn't exactly skinny, in my grade, and she like follows people and she wears small clothing and it's very disturbing. LOL.

Anyway, t doesn't matter about your weight, big or small...YOU'RE STILL AWESOME.

I hate my body cause I'm like really short and I have more pounds on than I should and I hate it. I even joined an aerobics class for like 2 1/2 years and nothing changed. I hate having a slow metabolism!

That broad is some piece of work, I'm sure her piss poor driving skills will come to bite her in the ass someday.

Edited at 2008-03-16 02:09 am (UTC)

No kidding--like I said, she should be thankful it was an adult behind her and not a little kid who wouldn't have paid attention and jumped out of the way.

Believe me, if I wasn't going to EyeCon in three weeks and therefore didn't want to deal with a broken leg or something, I probably should have let her hit me just so she'd get in trouble and get off the freakin' road!

Dude! that happened to me yesterday too! I went to switch lanes and the SUV sped up so I couldn't, but I was already commited. So I cut the lady off, but if she hadn't sped up, it would have been fine.

So she slams on her gas, passes me to the right, screaming out the window, "Learn to drive you fat bitch!" and then screeches her tires to get in front of me. I burst out laughing because if that wasn't the kettle calling the pot black... but then, she got stuck behind someone and I got to pass her so it was doubly funny.

Also, why do people always assume that fat girls can't drive/get a job/find a man/is poor whatever?

I know! First, I don't even get where the "Get a job" thing comes in. Because I was at WalMart? Well, so was she, so I guess that means she can't get a job either. Or is it because she thinks I just wander around parking lots hoping to get hit so I can get paid? If that was the case, I wouldn't have jumped out of the damn way!

Also, why do people always assume that fat girls can't drive/get a job/find a man/is poor whatever

Honestly? It's because being that way toward fat people is the last acceptable form of public discrimination. You wouldn't (or shouldn't, anyway) yell out "You stupid (insert racial/ethnic slur here) bitch!" but putting "fat" in there is A-OK if the person is fat.

Edited at 2008-03-16 03:03 am (UTC)

Just reading that made my blood boil. I just don't understand why people think they can be so freaking rude. Ugh.

Yet enother reason why I don't own a gun. Stupid people need eliminated. POW!!!

In the immortal words of Nicole Kidman, well isn't SHE a nice lady.

Let's find her house and stab it. And then ram her car with a tank.

She'll get her comeuppance. Oh yes...she will. Someone that rude *always* does. Always.

I agree. She is a horrible, awful person and she knows it, which is why she feels the need to make herself feel better by saying stupid shit like that. She's got some serious karmic payback coming. It will catch up to her, big time, sooner or later. In the meantime, you can comsole yourself that you are very clearly far superior to her in every way.

Edited at 2008-03-17 07:48 pm (UTC)

Total bitch...I dont get the whole exchange...like what was her logic..the weight comment was meant to hurt, people suck huge donkey balls...but I really dont understand "get a job"..WTH, just cause you were at Walmart..so was she was she projecting?????


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