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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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More Blizzard '08 Pics
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
These were taken about 1:45PM, if you want to compare them to the pics taken around 10:30AM

This is the latest pic of the snow drifting in front of my door.

Our cars continue to be buried...

Poor Sammy. Also, I have no idea how that one ginormous piece of snow is sticking to his side.

Neighbor's cars....

More of the neighbors. I heard someone trying to shovel or dig their car out, and I was trying to see who it was.

The bush continues to gather snow...

Back porch

Back yard

Stanley decided to venture out to investigate..

I was trying to get him to go out into what's left of the cleared area, so you could see how deep the snow was compared to him.

But he took one look and came back in.

But he did have a faceful of snow.

He was kind of sad about getting snow on himself.

I talked to Kelly, and she said Anthony wanted to go outside, but as soon as he set foot on the porch and saw all the snow, he was all, "No." and came back inside. LOL!

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Poor Stanley! I feel cold just looking at your pictures.

Hee, Stanley is too cute! I brought a little bit of snow in on the yardstick I used to measure the snow...both cats FREAKED over it. They did not like it (they are indoor cats). It was too funny.

Are you all still suppose to get more today/tonight?

The road behind our house (a fairly busy one) is pretty clean now. The streets in my township get cleaned really well compared to the "city" roads (and the ones by work...omg, they NEVER get to those and I NEED those clean as they are all the massive hills!).

hey neighbor! ;D I was sinking to the tops of my boots this morning!

and I have to go to work in a few. D:

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