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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris fall by rainbowkisses31
*shrugs* I thought Anne Hathaway looked really pretty at the Oscars. I adore her, I have since the Princess Diaries, and...*points to icon*...I totally will go see Get Smart at the theater. :) Partly for Steve Carrell, but mostly for Anne.

Mostly, I thought everyone looked good at the Oscars, although the chick that wrote Juno probably should have practiced walking in her dress beforehand so she could have had it fixed a bit so that she didn't have to hold her hands and/or winners envelope over her personal area every time she took a step.

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From the pix I've seen it looks like it must have been a sea of black gowns with occasional red splashes.

I thought Anne looked lovely too (at least in photos) and I'm not really a fan.

Yeah, that gown of Diablo Cody's was...well, not to be uncharitable, but I thought it was...

Butt Ugly. That's what it was.

If you're going to wear a dress that shows that much, at least make it a pretty dress. And you have to be comfortable enough to own it. I was suprosed that someone who used to take their clothes off for a living, someone who selected that dress to wear, seemed so self-conscious in it.

Anne Hathaway is always gorgeous.

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