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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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*knocks phone off the hook*
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
I swear, everyone who is off work today thinks today is the day to call and bug me at work! Stop calling, peoples!

The next time my phone rings, I swear I'm just gonna close my eyes and picture this instead:

That's much better than dealing with the phone! :) I also like how that one and the other outtakes show exactly how jammed up Jared is on that couch! LOL! The one unwatermarked one that I've seen cut off his legs, which always made me wonder how on earth did they find a couch with armrests on it that was long enough to accomodate Jared's length. Now I know, they didn't! LOL!

Oh, and I watched that new Aussie interview with Jensen (the one where he's answering fan questions--check your friends list, I'm sure it's all over it) and I think we now need to demand that all Jensen interviews be done outside on a sunny day in front of some cliffs and water that just perfectly set off his eyes (I mean, they were so green they were practically glowing!) and filmed by whoever the camera man was on that, because that's the best I've seen Jensen look in that entire trip! Dayum!

See, I can still be BiBro! :)