ShannenB (shannenb) wrote,

End of strike might not mean new SPN eps?

There's a new interview with Eric Kripke over at Buddy TV (it's spoilery, but the part I'm posting isn't) and this part about the strike jumped out at me:

In the last day or two there's been all these rumors that the WGA is very close to a resolution to the writers' strike, and that in the next week there could be a deal and shows could come back. Do you have any information on that, and if there is a deal soon would Supernatural possibly come back earlier than next fall?

I've only heard the same rumors that everyone else has heard. I'm very hopeful that there will be a deal announced sooner rather than later. I'm certainly ready for the strike to be over and I'm ready to get back to work. I hope it does happen, I'm optimistic that it will. I can't say for sure of course, but I'm optimistic. In terms of what that means for Supernatural, I just don't know yet. Believe me, I ask the question at least twice a week, and I think the network up to this point has not presented a firm answer. Every possible scenario has been discussed, from coming back for a few more episodes this season, to shooting and airing episodes over the summer, to not having any more episodes this season but having an extended season 4. All of those options and more have been discussed, but we just don't know which way it'll shake out just yet.

So it sounds like it is very possible that they could just end the season early with these last few eps. Like I had said before, Kristin over at E had hinted that there were a fan popular shows few shows that just wouldn't resume production and instead wait until next season. And Jensen just got to Australia yesterday from the postings I saw, and people were saying they thought he was supposed to be there for two weeks doing interviews and promos and such. So he's obviously going to be unavailable for a bit if the strike ends immediately or something.

Hmm...interesting. If they do go back to work, I wonder how that will affect EyeCon?

The entire interview is here. But like I said, it's really spoiler filled for the last three eps.

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