ShannenB (shannenb) wrote,

Here we go....

Ohio State: Please play well. Have your shit together. I can't make it through a repeat of last year.

LSU: Please take one last trip down Bourbon St before the game. Free Hurricanes for all! Playing drunk can be fun!

USC: Please shut up. You've been the most bloated, overrated team for years now, and the media can't stop blowing you, but if you want to be considered as a national champion, don't lose to Stanford of all people.

Texas: Next year, baby. Next year. Even though my boy Jamaal Charles is leaving early. *sniff* Why do all the Texas players I like opt out early?

ETA: Well, at least the OSU band looked ass kicking out on the field, and they got featured on TV! Woo! LSU, please take whatever money you get from this game and buy some new band uniforms please. Those things look like rejected high school uniforms.

Also, it's so weird to me to see clarinets in marching band...

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