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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris fall by rainbowkisses31
Sometimes, I am such a shit stirrer, I'll tell you what!

But I can't resist....people get so frackin' worked up that it cracks me up and I can't help myself.

Must be an Irish thing--me and Kathy Griffin: redheaded Irish flame fanners! LOL! But I love the idea of them getting all redfaced and flailing while I'm sitting back cracking up at how silly it is.

ETA: And yes, I am talking about working jelloh0530 into a frenzy that resulted in me being...Oh noes! Banned from her journal. Oh, me and ckll are now the same--banned and called crazycakes. Woe. But it was some funny ass shit, and I'm so screencapping it so I can go back later and use some of those choice quotes she laid on me because they are fabulous! I really wasn't trying to shit stir in the beginning, but once I saw how easily it could happen...well, what the hell. I hung the bait out there, and let what happen happen. I thought it was a pretty wimpy worm myself, so I can't believe it got bit, but there ya go.

I'm not *really* a mean person (maybe, although I do admit I'm bitchy) but it fascinates me that people can really get so worked up over some of the things we get worked up over online, and not get worked up over other things in real life. The whole issue (not this particular incident, I'm talking all this as a whole) interests me enough that it almost makes me want to head back to school and take a few more sociology classes to see how the evolution of things like Myspace, LJ, Facebook, etc has changed the way we interact with each other and not always for the better. A discussion we were having at work one day had to do with how people who really heavily rely on online interaction for all of their social contact really lose a sense of how to relate to people, etc, and can't function in a real social setting. I do wonder if that's true, and if we really are headed toward a generation with no social skills whatsoever simply because it's easier to make friends online and easier to cut them out (ie, Banning! Disabling Comments! Friends Lock!) when things don't work out.

But yeah, I'll admit that sometimes working people up is fun, but I do that face to face as well because there are boundries there. But things like this *do* remind me that it's good to shut off the computer, and go hang with offline friends every once in a while. Which is actually my resolution for the year--more real life, less Second Life.

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I just spent an enormous amount of time reading through 90+ comments on a Danneel rant in her journal thinking it was in there you "stirred up shit"...who knew it was the skinny bitches one! Ha. Not sure why that makes me laugh as much as it does, but it does. I didn't think your first post warranted the repsonses it got either. People are so fucking sensitive sometimes.

People are so fucking sensitive sometimes

Wordy McWord. I mean, I admit my first statement wasn't all that clear in what I was trying to say because later when I read it back after a nite of sleep, it did sound like I was an idjit. So my original intent was to clarify, maybe apologize for not being clear (not apologizing for *what* I said, but for not being clear. There's a difference) and then it was like the shitstorm unfurled, so I was like, "What the hell...put that little experiment into action and see how far it'll go. I expected it to get no response, and instead--hollah! LOL!

Which kind of proved my point, I guess. People fly off the handle so easily online *because* it's so easy to do. Which probably isn't a good thing when you consider so much face to face contact is being phased out.

I know I was probably supposed to be horrified when I read it, but I just laughed because I couldn't believe that was all it took.

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Ill never put you in a catagory as crazycakes LOL.

It really is interesting how tecnhology has changed our communication. It is a good thing, i mean look at all the friends we've made, but it's also a bad thing cause look at all the wank.

Sorry for the being banned and stuff *hugs*

But...crazycakes and I are the same now! So I get to use my South Park Randy Marsh voice and say, "We are the same...she and I." LOL!

Anyway, it's not even really so much the wank because to me that's mostly a fandom thing. It's really to me a scary indicator of how things could be headed. There are people who get every single bit of their social interaction online, and that can't be good when they become used to things you can do online that don't fly in the real world.

Ah, I don't care about being banned--I don't know her, she wasn't my friend and I wasn't looking to make a friend. First I was just commenting in passing, then I was like, "Ya know...let's test the flying off the handle theory with really bland comments." Because I'd always thought it had to be some seriously heated comments being made to get that reply, and...it really didn't. Which was interesting to me.

Hey! You're only supposed to do shit-stirring when the 3 of us are together. More fun that way. ;D

I have no idea what you're talking about, either. XD

Haha--well, it's like a muscle. If you don't use it, you lose it! LOL! I have to be prepared for Florida!

(Deleted comment)
*shrugs* Whatever helps ya sleep at night.

Sweetie. LOL. Calm, calm. Soooo not worth getting mad, darling!!! *smishes you* You're cute when you get mad.

(Deleted comment)
At the end of the day, though, it doesn't matter, ya know?

Also, is everything ok?

And I just realized we're not hanging out in our journals, ROTF, so uh...

Catch you on the flip-side? *grins*

Ok, this here is just ridiculous. You did come into my journal, correct? And when you were rude and ignorant and putting all your insecurities out there, and then started being pissy with someone else (which is just not cool), you're surprised that I bitched about it?

What seriously amuses me is that, though it didn't bother you at all (right?), you still felt the need to put me on blast in your journal for your friends to see. And the fact that it was all a bit of bait - please. THAT'S - lol. I don't have the words.

I ban ignorant people from my journal. It's what I do. I prefer people who make sense and have a little bit of love and respect for themselves to comment in my journal. The way you write about yourself (and come ON, you and I both know damned well it wasn't a worm to dangle, no matter how you may think you need to look better in front of your friends, let's just be honest here) was depressing and horrid, and why would I want you back in my journal bringing people down?

And yes - your comments there were a bit crazycakes. What does that have to do with ckll? I call everyone who's a bit off their rocker "crazycakes". I do it in real life, and since I'm the same in real life as I am here, why wouldn't I say that if I felt it?

But I had the decency to do it to you, and wasn't cowardly. That's what I hate about LJ - the people who are too afraid to say what they feel, but aren't afraid to make assumptions. (Remember, THAT'S what pissed ME off. So yeah, screencap the whole thing, so that your friends can read WHY I bitched at you.)

If you're going to be a hypocrite in your OWN journal, then maybe, just MAYBE, instead of bitching about me, you should focus on healing yourself.

And just in case you've got an OH, so witty comeback along the lines of "whatever helps ya sleep at night," let me head you off. This doesn't affect my real life. When I turn off the internet, I TURN OFF THE INTERNET. But while I'm here, if I have friends telling me some little chickenshit is blabbering about me when they had no right to start nonsense in the first place, of course I'm going to say something. Because that's what I do - I head it off "face to face", or as much as is possible when you're online. It's decent, ya know?

You don't need to screencap a damned thing, darling. JUST POST THE LINK.

My journal is OPEN to the public, rotf, and only a couple of special people get banned. If anyone is actually INTERESTED in it (which, WHY? Why are you people interested in something I have to say? I don't get why you have that much INTEREST! *shakes head* It's not like I put you on blast and named your name and gave you a REASON to come to my journal, did I? LOL), then they can read it. I don't delete comments. I welcome all points of view.

And I'm sure that you're going to say something along the lines of "Oh, look, more bait! Keep biting!", and that's fine.

easier to cut them out (ie, Banning! Disabling Comments! Friends Lock!) when things don't work out.

Like I said. Of course I'm going to get rid of the people online who are jackasses. Why on earth would anyone keep someone around on the internet if they're annoying? I have real life things going on, as should you, darling - why add internet ridiculousness?

Whatever helps you sleep at night. (witty, ain't it?)

And honey, if I enthrall you that much, hell, I'll un-ban you and you can feel free to bitch and whine all you want. Or you can do like ckll, lol, and bitch anonymously. As for me, I'm done. If you post more about me, shit, have at it, doll. But at least do so HONESTLY. There was one reason you set me off, and it was your assumptions. Not your opinions or your thoughts on the subject, but your assumptions. And you just kept going with the needling, and hey, what can I say? I love having the last word. Childish, yes, but that's ok.

You take care now, sunshine.

I have no idea what you're talking about in the beginning of this entry, but I had to comment so I could UTTERLY agree with your rant about sociology. And that's the only resolution I've seen that I might actually try to do myself! So, thanks for that. =oD

Edited at 2008-01-05 04:13 am (UTC)

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