ShannenB (shannenb) wrote,

Could LA CreationCon mess up EyeCon?

I was just kind of thinking today--unlike most conventions, EyeCon does actually have a refund policy. If you cancel your tickets 61 days or prior to the event, you can get a 70% refund. On the most expensive ticket, you'd probably lose about $100.

So it got me to wondering--could the CreationCon in LA with both Jensen and Jared have a bad effect on EyeCon? I'd assume at this point people who might have been mulling over going to EyeCon and hadn't bought tickets yet might just decide to buy tickets to the LA con instead to see both boys instead of just Jared. And if others cancel their tickets to get their refund and go to the LA con instead....well, I just wonder what would happen? Would they still put on EyeCon and it would just be smaller, or would it fall through?

On the plus side, I have to think the only reason Creation isn't having the LA con the first weekend in April is because Jared was all, "No way, I have to be in Florida that weekend! For Shannen's birthday, of course!!" ;)

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