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Yay, Gossip Girl! That was a really good episode tonite! I'm really enjoying this show--it started out slow, but it's picked up and snagged my interest. Plus Dan and Serena remain too cute for words, although the cynic in me says that like all relationships that work, eventually they'll be breaking them up (not a spoiler, as I don't know any spoilers for the show. Just my guess based on how those things always go on TV shows.) And loved the little side plot with Blair and My Two Dads! LOL!

In non TV life, I am almost finished with my Christmas shopping, thank goodness. I only have a few people to buy for, so I can't believe it takes this long!


Baby Boy December birthstone charm. She has the same one for Anthony on a necklace, so I got her another one to add to it for the new baby. Hope it gets here in time!

A gel filled sleeping mask from Brookstone. She says when she's sleeping and Stephen comes into the room, he just flips on the light and wakes her. This is supposed to block out light. One side is satin and the other is like a soft material so you can wear it on either side, and either heat up or cool the gel inside to relieve your eyes.

Some new cookie sheets. Just because at Thanksgiving she said she only had one.

A plain large white serving platter. My stepmom said she uses the turkey platter I left over there last Thanksgiving for serving stuff....even when it's not a turkey! But the platter is turkey shaped, so I thought she needed a non turkey one.

A set of some of Oil of Olay's higher end facial products. I can't remember which one, but it's got all the steps in it--it's not the Regenerist, but one of the other lines. She likes using that stuff for her skin tone, but she never buys it when she runs out since it's like $20 for each step.

A set of lounging PJ's from Old Navy in light green. The top is like a long sleeve hoodie which zips, which I figure will come in handy if she's breast feeding or something.

Some fuzzy slipper socks that she likes.

God--that's not very much when I look at it. I must have forgotten some stuff...I know my step mom got her some Bath and Body Works, but I might get her some too because you can always use that stuff. It's not like it goes bad.


Little People Discovery Airport playset. He still plays with his Little People Noah's Ark set I got him last year.

A Sit and Spin. I figure he can just get himself dizzy and fall down when Kelly's got her hands too full to spin him around in a laundry basket.

A set of little playground balls--they're small, like the size of an adult's hand, so they'd be a little bigger to him. There are 4 of them, and they're like dodgeball type balls, I guess...anyway, he loves throwing and kicking balls so he'll have plenty!

A Tonka dump truck that he can steer with a big lever on top, and the dumping part works--it has little barrels in there he can dump out.

Some Matchbox cars for his stocking.

Some Sesame Street Squirter toys for his bathtub.

A Cookie Monster book that has buttons he can push for sound (like the sound of cookies being chomped) and also comes with a little stuffed Cookie Monster toy.

A set of these big Justice League Action Figures: Batman, Superman, and The Flash. They each come with a little accessory, like Batman has a thing that shoots Nerf bats, and Superman has a wall that he can knock down.

Some clothes from Old Navy--a couple of pairs of chino pants, a couple of longsleeve T-shirts, and a fisherman's sweater.

I think that's it...I still have to get him some more.

My stepmom/stepdad:

For her, she wanted a black and silver bracelet--I found 4 at Target that I liked and I couldn't decide, so I bought them all. I also got them each a set of PJ's (with lounging pants and a T-shirt). My stepmom also wanted a nice salt and pepper grinder, so I got her a set of those (35 bucks!) and some refills for them. I still need to get him some handkerchiefs (he carries them and he's always losing them--I have no idea where to get them. Maybe Macy's?) and some slipper socks. They also wanted some jersey sheets in sage for their bed as a joint gift for both of them. And I need to get her some candles, then I'll be set.

I have no idea what to get him, but he likes doing projects around their house, so I'm just getting him a Home Depot gift card and being done with it.

So....all I need to get is the gift card, the sheets, candles, handkerchiefs, and slipper socks. I was trying to avoid the mall altogether (I did a lot of my shopping online) but I guess I can't. *sigh*

Oddly, our office intern/receptionist at work was asking what I bought for people, and when I told her she was like, "Wow, you sure got a lot of gifts!" I dunno--I don't think I got enough. Just looking at that list now, I'm like, "Shit, I need to get Kelly some more things for sure...." Do people really only give a couple of gifts to family members?

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