ShannenB (shannenb) wrote,


Ohio State is going to the BCS National Championship game, baby!!

#2 West Virginia--lost.

#1: Mizzou--losing. This game is tough, because I'm also a Texas Longhorns fan, and therefore rooting for the Sooners goes against absolutely every fiber of my being, but it would also get Ohio State in the championship, so it has to be done.

But now with WV losing, I can probably stop cheering for the Sooners, and go take a shower to wash off the ickyness from cheering for them! LOL!

Now, the question is, who does OSU play? LSU, who probably do have the most worthy team despite their two losses that really were kinda flukes? Kansas--ranked lower than Georgia, but also the highest ranked one loss team after Ohio State? Virginia Tech, who won the ACC?

I have a feeling it'll be LSU--OSU vs. LSU is how it probably should have been from the beginning. But let's hope it goes better than last year's championship game!

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