ShannenB (shannenb) wrote,

Some thoughts on Fever

Just read moonilicious's report on Fever...

Yay! HeLex! I like Helen, and I'm glad she's around, and I'm glad she and Lex get smoochy tonight and I don't care how many of you hate her! I wish they'd get married and have a bunch of little mini Lexs and Helens. :D

I noticed Fleegull commented that she thought the Helen moving in thing would be a subplot to an episode, not just a tossaway scene. It will be--from what I understand, she actually moves in to the mansion in an upcoming ep and that's actually a subplot there, which I guess they decided to set up in this episode.

Anyway, I'm not too sure about Helen knowing Clark's secret. I'm a bit concerned about that. It would appear to lead to speculation that the reason for their breakup would be because Helen won't spill Clark's secret to Lex, but I don't think it'll go down like that. That's not evil enough. With the giant anvil being dropped about Helen loving research, I imagine that in the future (not right now, cause I want to hang on to the Helen/Lex shipperness for a while) Lex will slowly phase Helen into being his new Dr. Hamilton. She'll be too curious about Clark's origins *not* to use the vast research facilities/funding Lex will be providing her with(because he loves her and wants to see her happy, he'll say) to dig into how Clark can exist, especially with the ship healing everyone and all. Probably by the time she realizes Lex's true intentions for providing her with all this research stuff, she'll be in so deep with the quest for the truth (same way that Hamilton was, although probably without the Jitters effects) that she won't *want* to get out even if she could, and won't care what it takes to find the truth.

So I dunno--that just feels more evil to me...the idea of Lex taking someone who was basically good and kind, and through his relationship with her, he corrupts her and maybe without even intending to, molds her into something worthy of a Lionel Luthor creation. Much better than, "You won't tell me his secret, so get out!"

As for Martha being preggers...I'm trying not to roll my eyes. I understand we're moving away from the canon Superman story somewhat, but seriously. One of the basic pillars of the story is that Clark is an only child. So giving him a sister or brother? Too far away from the story. Plus, it just will exist to be one more person who knows Clark's secret when Lex can't. Or it'll become some dumb pawn Clark's enemies use against him (ala Dawn on BTVS.) So, I'm just "Meh" about that. Although it would be hilarious if it wasn't the ship that made her get preggers, but the fact that Lionel was secretly using her as a test subject some kind of meteor rock infused fertility drug or something.

But the HeLex overrides the dumbness of Bo or Bo-ette Jr.

Oh--and I especially loved how the CLana fans have been talking for months now about how in this episode, Clark and Lana will share some big moment that was just going to rock the socks off the CLana fans...and according to moonlight spike, it's just more of the same old same old boring CLana we get every week. LOL!

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