ShannenB (shannenb) wrote,

Trees should come pre-decorated....

*squints at Target's website*

I swore Target had cute Xmas tree decorations, but looking at their website....they kinda don't.

I wasn't going to put up a tree at all this year, as I figured what was the point? It's just me and Stanley. But then when I was in WalMart buying toilet paper I noticed they had some 6.5 ft pre-lit trees for $30, so I bought one. And a pre-lit wreath for the door. And some net lights for the outside, although I only bought two sets and as I pull into my parking space I see I have 5 bushes. *sigh*

But I gave my old tree along with all the ornaments to Kelly. I do have a set of glass ornaments that got for Xmas a couple years back, and we never opened the box. I think it's a set of 50, and they are like the old fashioned antique looking ones. So maybe I'll just use those.

So that's my project for tomorrow--finish cleaning, move one of the chairs in the living room into my office, and put up the tree.

Wow, this weekend went fast. Of course, I spent the bulk of it napping and watching the Heroes marathon, so that might be why not much got done! LOL!

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