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Wankity wank-wank

I don't know them, I've never talked to them, and I quit dean_sam a while back thanks to ckll's batshittery, but I have to give a public hats off to lostandalone22 and onci_dium for *finally* standing up to the batshitness and removing ckll from the community.

Normally no, I wouldn't applaud going in and removing the owner of a community, but knowing what I know about my past dealings with ckll and others who have dealt with her, I'm pretty sure those two were left with no other option, because you simply can't have a rational discussion with ckll in which you try to disagree with her and/or point out that she's wrong. If those two would have done that, we all would have woken up to see the two of them kicked from the community and ckll blathering on in her macro speak about how they personally wronged her by daring to suggest she's full of shit, etc, etc.

No, I haven't rejoined dean_sam yet, because I want to see if this whole thing is even gonna stick, but if it does I'll gladly re-join.

Oh, and I just want to point out the irony of people going around saying the community was stolen, when 95% of everything ckll posts in terms of photos, graphics, videos, etc is stolen from elsewhere! For example, she offers up my video of Jensen from Asylum for download, instead of just linking to the YouTube video I put up. Shit like that pisses me off, because at least if it's on YouTube you know you're getting credited for it!

ETA: Well, I'm glad I didn't rejoin, because it looks like it didn't stick. But what the hell, I'll keep this post up because I still think someone needed to stand up to her, and I applaud those who tried. I hope someone else decides to open a new community, and those who are sick of the batshittery jump ship and join it. The only way we can make a community irrelevant is by not supporting it.

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