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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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(no subject)
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
So, word is spreading that TWoP's Demain? Uses unfunny writing crutches in place of actual humor. Of course, some of us knew that when his recaps consisted of nothing but a bunch of filler about the stupid dragon drawing on the forums. Everyone kept saying how funny his recaps were, but I looked at them and no....they aren't.

But, as for this matter at hand, complaining to TPTB at TWoP won't do any good, because they honestly don't give a crud. They got paid, so what do they care? Lke I was told when I left the boards--they get paid by the hit, and plenty of people lurk without joining, so if you leave because of their policies (even if you've been a poster for *years*) they don't care because hey--there are plenty of people to make up the difference. So don't fool yourself into thinking they care about what you think.

Your best best would be to email Bravo, and I think someone posted contact info in that link. In this case, I think you'll have to go over some heads.

I didn't email though, because my email would consist entirely of, "Really? You pay for some of those recaps? Cause dudes, you're getting ripped off!"

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I used to enjoy the recaps over there, I really did. Now they are a mix of boring, mean, and downright annoying.

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