ShannenB (shannenb) wrote,

You're getting the Chicken Midgets! can also get a side salad.

Hee! Reaper continues to be made of win for me! It's rapidly becoming my second favorite show on the CW (so watch out, Tyra!) I wasn't so sure how this episode would go, seeing as bugs have been done with "meh" results by a lot of shows, but it was really pretty good. I wouldn't have guessed the sort of twist, I guess.

And my love for Sammy, Sock, and Ben working together continues to grow. I love how they're both just, "OK cool, you're gonna be blowing stuff up? We're there!" and just jump in to help Sam.

The Sam/Andie story is just kind of "meh" at times, but I think it's because the three guys work so well together that I kind of want less Andie/Sam. Although maybe once they develop her more, that'll work.

And in closing--no, I don't even want to think why Sock's junk is named "Grumpy"! LOL!

And I need some Reaper icons, darn it!

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