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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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TV--the update!
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
Sheesh...SPN fans I love ya to death, but you have *got* to get over this "ZOMG Reaper is so a rip off of Supernatural! I hate it because it's trying to replace Supernatural" thing.

Cause really, it's not. I'd say Reaper is much more of a comedy, and certainly without the angst factorof Supernatural. Plus, Sam hunts down escaped souls from hell because he *has* to...Dean & Sam W hunt them down because they want to. Sort of.

For the record, Reaper's still my favorite new show to premiere this fall. And that's from someone who had no interest in watching it at first. But what can I say--Sock, Sam, and Ben are so like my Buddy OTP3! I was glad that last week didn't put Ben off, because the three of them crack me up! And the Prius! Wheee!

I have started to whittle down some of my TV list of new shows:

Chuck: OK, I'll admit--the TiVo deleted the pilot before I could watch it, and I haven't bothered with the second ep yet, so I really think I'm walking away from this one unseen. Now that Bellick has pants, Prison Break is watchable.

Reaper: Hells yeah! I need me some OTP3 icons!

Gossip Girl: I like the books, wanted to like this, but it's lost my interest.

Kitchen Nighmares: It's Gordon. Of course I'm watching, even though last week almost made me barf. Indian food *and* roaches? Bleck!

Bionic Woman: The pilot was so uneven, but maybe now that we're past all the setup, it'll get better. Although I honestly felt like I was dumped in the middle of a show that had been on for half a season already. BTW, it needs the Bionic Woman sound effect. I'm just sayin'. Also, when her boyfriend got shot, I totally started joking about having him be the Six Million Dollar Man. Because you can't have one without the other.

Life: It was OK. Probably going the way of Law and Order, which means I watch the reruns when nothing else is on.

Dirty Sexy Money: Pretty good so far, but soaps always seem to fizzle out. Hopefully this one won't.

So it looks like I'm dumping Chuck, Life, and Gossip Girl, while Bionic Woman is on the fence, but if they add the sound effect I might be more on board. LOL!

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Oh, man. I hear ya!! I like Reaper a lot too and people need to stop with the comparisons!!

You should really try Chuck, I was iffy on the pilot but the 2nd episode really sucked me in. It's good.

I'm looking forward to seeing if all the buzz about Pushing Daisies is worth it.

I really like Dirty Sexy Money and Life too.

There is just way too much TV on this year!!!

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