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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Photo Op Sell Out/Creation Contests at Con
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
Couple bits of information to pass along:

Photo Op Tickets:

I just read over at the windycity_spn group(BTW, go over there to be added to the seating master list) that Ed at Creation (who helped me sort out my photo op ticket mess) told a member when she called to sort out her ticket mess that Jensen Ackles photo op tickets would be taken off the site most likely on Saturday due to a sell out! And that Jared's photo op tickets would most likely follow suit in the near future.

So, if you have not purchased your photo ops because you are waiting for single day tickets to go on sale, do *not* wait! If you are 100% sure you are going, you need to purchase your photo op tickets now(at least for Jensen and Jared) because I would guarantee they will be sold out before single day tickets go on sale.

Autograph tickets still seem to be plentiful, and I'd imagine that's because so far, the only people who have purchased autograph tickets are the people who needed extra ones, since all the tickets sold so far include autographs.

Creation Contests

Creation has posted this stuff about some contests they'll be holding at the con in addition to the video contest:


Our Saturday Night Dessert and Cocktail Party is the hottest gathering in Chicago and all our Gold Patrons are invited on a complimentary basis! You guys are gonna party with delicious desserts, fab guest drop in appearances by (tentatively) Nicholas Brendon, Samantha Ferris, and Frederic Lehne, music and a cash bar to keep thing lubricated. AND, we're offering a $250 GIFT CERTIFICATE to the person who brings the absolute best, killer SUPERNATURAL or SMALLVILLE or BUFFY themed CENTERPIECE. Let your imaginations flow and surprise your fellow PARTY-goers: there have been some SENSATIONAL entries in the past so get cracking now and we're waiting to see the results!


Here's the chance to win prizes and gift certificates by showing off your knowledge of all things having to do with the television series we love! Put your TV viewing to great monetary use and go home a winner! We're playing TRIVIA each day: so be on hand for the fun.

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BTW, go over there to be added to the seating master list

I don't know if you got my comment yesterday but I think I'm F10.

Oops--I meant to post this to my Creation con group! LOL! Oh well!

Yeah, it looks like that's your seat. Not too bad--I think the rows have 35 seats, so you're kinda in the middle of the 6th row. We're in the second, but we're all the way at the end, so I hope we aren't too far over to get good pics! LOL!

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