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It's Holiday Card time!

Something that goes really well with cookies and cocoa? Christmas cards!

So if you'd like a Christmas/holiday card from me, leave a comment below with your address (even if I already have it.) Comments are screened so nobody else will see!
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The end is the beginning is the end.

Tonight is the night....seems fitting to post this on LJ since it was the fandom this journal was born from.

Ten years ago, we tuned in to see the tale of a boy who fell from the sky, and how the hero & the villain were sometimes flip sides of the same coin.

It's had ups, it's had it's downs, it's been great and it's sucked beyond the telling of it....but the one thing that never changed was the awesomeness of the people it brought into my life.

Lex: We have a complicated relationship, Clark. My father wants me to believe it's built on trust, but it's not. It's built on lies and deceit. Any relationship with that foundation is destined to fail. Lucky we don't have that problem.

Clark: Lucky us.
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Fandom Garage Sale!!

This post is open, in case people not on my friends list are interested, or in case friends refer people not on my flist here.

Anyway, I was cleaning out some stuff in my office, and have a few things I probably should get rid of--magazines mostly, although a book and an autographed pic are in there too! Pretty much all Supernatural, save for one random Justin Hartley pic!

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Paypal only for payments--if you want something, comment and I'll let you know where to send the paypal payment to. Oh, and if you can, please choose "Personal" under the Paypal payment selection so there are no Paypal fees.

And don't forget--I still have a Gold Ticket, Row D seat 21 to the Chicago convention on sale here. The auction ends on 7/27!!
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Kneel Before Nick J!

Heheh--so x_city_lights posted some of her pics from the kickball/softball game this weekend, and the discussion turned to how during the softball games, Joe's M.O. apparently is to stand around zoning out and/or showing epic fail at basic game playing aspects.

I commented that I bet Joe's approach to the game has to piss off/frustrate Nick to no end, since Nick treats these friendly softball games like they're fucking Game 7 of the World Series, what with the running at top speed and flinging himself at the bases.

She then relayed a story from this weekend's game that is such an instant classic, it really needs to be retold every Christmas:

He was so pissed. I think my friend has a picture of it, or maybe I just remember it happening, but towards the end of the game when Nick was back at shortstop (or at least not in the outfield) Joe didn't even try to catch it. He looked over in Nick's direction and looked pretty fucking scared as Nick started approaching him. His face was just like "Oh shit, Nick's coming over here. Nick's coming. Oh fuck!" He(Nick) ended up going to talk to someone else but it was HILARIOUS as Joe was waiting to feel the wrath of Nick.

That, my friends, is why Nick J is off the chain! LOL!
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(no subject)

As of now, this journal is:

I'm not gonna go back and lock previous entries, but all entries going forward will be Friends Only.

I probably won't be adding many people back, but if I know you, I will probably add you if you ask.
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Why do Glamour's "15 Guys We Love To Look At?" need to all be holding hands with each other? In a parade style fashion? *lulz*(pics not by me, btw--I found them on a community.)

Oh, and thanks for the Pedo-Bear reminder on the second page, Glamour! It's not like you didn't have one other hot and legal one to choose from you know! So don't be all high and mighty on me!!LOL!!
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Please get a Stellavator*. Or let Jensen pick out your outfits. Or something.

Because that is

*The Stellavator is the computerized closet program that Stella designed for the guys on JONAS, where they put in season and event, and the closet automatically spits out a Stella approved outfit.
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I need to get moving...

And get stuff done instead of sitting around watching silly photos from Joe's iPhone pop up on Twitter. LOL!

What's been going on at the Vancouver con? I am completely out of the loop, or there hasn't been any wank.
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Surprise! Not!

To the surprise of no one (and by no one, I mean me because I knew their peace of the last couple years would never last) Noel Gallagher is quitting Oasis because he hates his brother Liam and "simply could not go on working with Liam a day longer.". Again.

It's about damn time! These two make the best music when they hate each other, and they also have the most entertaining drama when they hate each other.

Some of the Gallagher brother's greatest hits(pun intended) include:

*During their first American tour in 1994,Liam took to changing the words of Noel's songs so that they were offensive to both Americans and Noel. A confrontation after the show led to a chair being thrown and Noel leaving the tour.

*During recording sessions for the second Oasis album, (What's the Story) Morning Glory?, the brothers had a violent fight involving a cricket bat, when Liam invited everyone from a local pub back into the studio while Noel was trying to work. Noel got a hold of the bat and whacked Liam over the head with it. The fight ended with Noel breaking Liam's foot.

*Tension mounted between the Gallaghers when Liam backed out on Oasis' MTV Unplugged set minutes before it was due to start. Noel was forced to fill in at the last minute. Liam claimed to have been struck down with a "sore throat" and that he doesn't like performing acoustically, though Noel claims he was hung-over. Noel was further angered when Liam proceeded to heckle him from the balcony while the band performed.

*While on tour in Barcelona in May 2000, Oasis were forced to cancel a gig when drummer Alan White's arm seized up, and the band spent the night drinking instead. During the night, Liam made a derogatory comment about Noel's then wife, Meg Mathews (apparently questioning the legitimacy of Noel's daughter), leading to a fight. Noel announced the next day he was quitting the tour.

You know, I never want, say, the JoBros to end up like that, but for some reason I *love* it when Liam and Noel hate each other.